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Hi Warriors,

What are you recommendations on a good Adsense course.

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    If money grew on trees, we'd all die from a lack of oxygen.

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    I like the new XFactor course
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    Nothing but good things to say about both of the aforementioned courses, but I've only actually executed the $100k Adsense Blueprint teachings, so at this time I can't vouch for Xfactor results.

    I exercised the methods and techniques outlined in the $100k Adsense Blueprint and yielded the following results:

    I didn't quite hit the revenue mark I was initially aiming for but none the less, in under 6 months I was able to create a 25 page website, get it generating a consistent $650/mth while maintaining a #3 SE ranking for it's primary term; at the beginning of the month (Feb) I sold this website privately for $13,000.

    The Blueprint isn't a - get rich by next week - kind of course so you'll have to be prepared to put in some work, but from my experiences, your work will pay off.


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    I highly recommend starting with the source.

    Google has an Adsense blog: Inside AdSense
    Check out the Newbies and Case Studies tabs.

    Once you learn about the basics (and more advanced techniques) from the Google blog, you can check out other courses.
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