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Have any warriors bought Espionage Software by Jeremy Wilson and how are you finding it?
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    I started using it yesterday and I have to say that it seems very good. You can try it for 10 days before you buy. So take it for a test run and see what you think. I would also be interested to know what anyone else thinks.
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      Bought the product. Works exactly as Jeremy says it does.
      Looks like it will save a lot of time on market research.
      Have to put it throught it's paces and report back.
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        Just like any software you buy you have to ask yourself is it worth $97. Market Samurai can also provide a lot of similar info and I already have it.
        After the 10 day trial will I buy it? Not sure yet. I will keep using it and then decide. I'm interested to hear anyone elses comments.
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          It seems to have gone quiet on the Espionage front. Has anyone else either bought or tried the software?
          If so what do you think?
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    anymore feedback?
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