Free Mass Traffic <-- Anyone knows about this Software?

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Was wondering if anyone knows anything about this software, I can't seem to find anyone giving a review on this product.

It seems like a magic pill but It's just hard to believe that this could possibly generate tons of traffic. On his sales page there aren't any video's of how the software actually works.

Anyone who have used this before, can share some insights of how this software works?

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    Yep I got that to review it too - Best thing it does in get your work indexed but driving traffic .. umm well I wouldn't say so really .. I would recommendit for indexing stuff but not for driving traffic
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    there are a lot of traffic systems out there, but its hard to rely on which could really do the job for you.
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    I get swamped with Email Offers although
    I opted out of the lot, Emails are still coming

    I think its the usual Hype & rubbish

    Can anyone put me wrong there?
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