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anybody heard about this? or better yet, have you used it to any success???
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    I read about it, and sent the guy a question, still no answer. Same thing with EZvideoplayer2 people. No response.
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      so far, this is not encouraging news.....

      anybody else? tell me that no one has even HEARD of this.....
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        This came into my inbox today and I was wondering if you ever heard anything back from "Mike" or actually gave the plug-in a shot.

        I'm primarily interested in the claim that it supports adding 3rd party hosted videos into your own sitemap - which should give you a result in the SERPs that links back to your site (as opposed to youtube).

        I sent a note off to Mike asking for some kw examples that I could search on that would return results linking to his page - even though it's hosted on youtube.

        Will let you know if I hear anything back.

        fwiw, i googled several of the titles in his tutorial videos, but all of the results I found linked back to youtube - soooooo...
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          I purchased this plugin WP video magic, I have sent questions to suppport with no response.. I took my youtube urls for videos that are ranking on page one. I put the urls into the plugin, created the sitemap, and got nothing but errors inside webmaster tools. I then embeded the videos on my site, as I thought maybe that is the problem, still all kinds of errors, saying that I cannot use a youtube url inside google webmaster tools. Today I took the youtube urls out of the plugin,

          19Missing XML tag
          This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.Parent tag:channel
          Problem detected on:May 3, 2011
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          Problem detected on:May 3, 2011

          I was really excited about this plugin, but so far I have wasted hours of time, and not really seeing any help from anyone at the help desk. I was hoping it was something simple, but it appears that this plugin, is a gimmick. I hope I am wrong, but I will give this another 24 hours then I will be getting the refund from clickbank on this one. I do know that what they are saying really does not make sense. If you could just grab a url to a youtube video and then when someone clicked on that video in the search results they would come to your site, that does not even make sense.

          People would go out and find videos ranking for good high traffic terms, then put that url into their wp video magic plugin and Google would send all the traffic to your site??? After thinking about it, it does not even make sense.

          I really want this to work, so if anyone has any insight, great as of now I would have to give this plugin a thumbs down.

          With that said, I could be doing something very simple the wrong way, but I cannot get an answer on anything, so i am open to ideas.
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    The only way I can see that ever happening is if Google associated your YouTube channel ID with your website.

    But while I can easily create video sitemaps (with my own A1SG tool, just remember using the video sitemap preset) that combines own page URLs with YouTube hosted video locations, I don't think Google actually obeys it for YouTube

    Afterall, why should they? They already have an own-property URL for the video. Makes little sense for them to direct users elsewhere
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      I agree, that did not make sense to me, why would google drive traffic from youtube to your site, dod not add up. I thought MAN if WP Video Magic really does this its worth thousands of dollars, The thing is Micheal x I believe is the guy who put out the plugin, he is a big marketer, so I figured it was a good marketing tool, or the flipside to that is he is a big time marketer, so its a scamm!!!! Doing a little more testing then I will more than likely be getting a refund, will post here with my results.
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        To clear it up, I was talking about having a video embedded in a post on my site - but that video is actually hosted on YouTube or some other 3rd party.

        So, it's my video, my original content, it's on my website - but it's hosted at YouTube.

        Obviously I would want Google to give MY website the credit in the SERPs - via the sitemap on my site - over YouTube.

        Understandably, Google has pulled support for that (afraid of abuse), but if this plugin did that - it would be worth it.

        On a related note, I've never heard anything back from "Mike X" after two e-mails.. Doesn't sound like anyone else has either - so I would chalk this up as a dud and put it in the DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN pile!
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          Originally Posted by pogul View Post

          To clear it up, I was talking about having a video embedded in a post on my site - but that video is actually hosted on YouTube or some other 3rd party.
          Has anybody found a plugin that will do this ??

          There's two other similar one's but again, does not do what you mention ...
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    Hey Y'all.
    Yesterday I came accross an old e-mail with this "promotion" in it for Video Traffic Genius. This (I think) will do the same as WP Video Magic. I spent some minutes looking over each of the two and I have Web Traffic Genius from before which comes from the same creators as the Video Traffic Genius. I am very pleased with my software from before and these guys have a good reputation of being transparent as marketers. That is something I cannot say for the WP Video Magic. This is only my opinion and I am currently in the process of setting this up so I cannot claim it's 100% working yet.

    However I believe it will

    Hope this helps out if you are wondering what to go for. Elling
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      Thanks for the heads-up on Video Traffic Genius.

      UNFORTUNATELY, it doesn't look like the answer either. When I put Video Traffic Genius into Google, neither their video thumbnail nor their site comes up. DOH!!

      If you're selling a product - for $97 - that is supposed to get your own hosted videos to show up in the SERPs then I darn sure expect to at least see your video up there on the first or second page of Google - and not some YouTube or Metacafe videos that I'm seeing now.

      Now, this is not a knock on the product creators - I don't have any personal experience with them. This whole idea of getting your own self hosted videos to show up in the SERPs may just not be ready for primetime.

      Then again, if you, as the product creator, can't get it to work, then why the heck are you selling a video sitemap plugin for $97 - when there's a free one readily available..
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    Sorry to say... it didn't solve my problems. I'm still looking for a good solution
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      Doesn't Mark Dulisse have his own video site plug in, he sells it in warrior forum too. I saw his videos ranking in search engines hosted on his site,

      might be worth checking out
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    The problem about it is Youtube did so many updates and continues right now that it is hard to get them working correctly.

    We are adding S3 capability and other things right now. The plugin is actually much better after our new programmer has worked on it over the last little while.

    Thanks for the honesty and the feedback, we have been taking it all into consideration and making the product much better due to your feedback.

    Sorry for any previous negative experience you faced. Thanks guys!

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