Syte Black Review and Bonus

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I've had the privilege of review Adam Carn's latest product to launch on December 11th Syte Black. This is a push button simple website building tool that completely automates the creation of a traffic sucking, bank filling cash cow. Adam has enabled this tool to insert three different streams of income for your website:


If you're unfamiliar with any of these three, you'll get full training on what they are, and why they're so important for you to use in your business. Adsense is the other end of PPC. You're allowing advertisers to display their ads on your website, and if someone visiting your site clicks on any of the ads, you get paid. Depending on the niche your site targets, you could average between $.20-$15.00 per click. Syte Black has be build 5 profitable niches for your site to ensure the maximum earning per click. Cars, Finance, Shopping, Travel, and Computers. Each of these, Adam has invested time to research niches that would be most valuable to have built into your site.

Clickbank is a product vendors processing site. It enables digital product owners to sell their items with the affiliate clickbank has, and as an affiliate, you can sell others products for a commission. Unlike Adsense, you need to make the sale to get the money, but with Syte Black aggregating click bank products directly into your site, your customers wont be able to detect the seamless transition between your site and the vendors. It truly enables a selling friendly environment.

Amazon is great because you'll receive commission on larger priced items and smaller priced items. With the holiday season upon us, anyone browsing your site reading up on computer info has a link to amazon to purchase a new MacBook Pro ($1990), you get commission on that! Syte Black does all the work for you to get that product onto your site.

I was asked by Adam to review Syte Black about 4 weeks ago and label with my stamp of approval or not. You'll see my review on the sales page and you can check out my video review of site black here, You'll see me create a money sucking website from scratch right before your eyes!

Don't forget to check out my bonus' as well....$3500 worth.

See you on the inside!
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