Ad Infiltration or AdWords 180

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which is better Ad Infiltration or AdWords 180 ??

Ad Infiltration is half the price?? anyone used it ??
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    I can't speak on Ad Infiltration as I'm not familiar with it, but Adwords 180 is well worth the cost of admission. I study everything PPC I can get my hands on and this is one ebook that truly offered unique methods that work. But I must admit that I knew little to nothing about using the content network when I read AW180.... Today, my content network campaigns do quite well and AW180 is the basis for all of them. It's been all I need to make the content network actually work for me. Very detailed and easy to implement.

    I hope this helps.

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    I did have some success using the Adwords 180 methods and found it to be well written. I don't think I was ever able to get to a penny but I was close a couple of times. Pay close attention to the warnings and hints so you don't waste money for silly reasons.

    If you do choose Adwords 180, I have written a cheap tool that helps find sites to use in your CPM campaigns. It might work for the Ad Infiltration method as well but I don't own that so I don't really know.

    Adwords180 CPM Scanner: Finding the Profitable Side of Adwords

    It's a very simple tool but can significantly reduce the time and effort of finding CPM sites.

    Tony Stai
    Directory Submission Software

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    Originally Posted by sarahstaar View Post

    which is better Ad Infiltration or AdWords 180 ??

    Ad Infiltration is half the price?? anyone used it ??
    I have the two and if you can get the two of them you would be better off, but if I was to choose one I would go with ad infiltration.
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    wow, maybe I should buy ad infiltration too. sounds like people are getting value from it.
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    I highly, highly recommend Ad Infiltration. I do not have experience with the other product. But AI is AWESOME!
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    well Adwords180 is 15$
    ad infiltration 47$
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    I've heard Ad Infiltration is good too,
    but haven't studied it yet.

    Adwords 180 is now $14.95

    Tony's 180 Scanner software is a good
    deal - I've used it a lot and his support
    has always been good. (If he had an
    affiliate program I'd probably promote
    it :-)

    The Affiliate Black Book
    The Inside Nasty on How to Kick the Snot Out of a Google Cash affiliate.

    Black Books Blog: No Cow is Too Sacred
    The Death of Crap: Crap Dies Slowly
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    does Adwords180 gives live examples?does it show how to setup your campaigns?
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    Have you tried Site Sniper Pro ???
    Site Sniper Pro - AdWords180 Special Offer

    From their page:
    Even if you haven't made good use of AdWords180 up to now, you owe it to yourself to at least download the free trial version of Site Sniper Pro and see what it can do for your AdWords campaigns."

    found this while looking for adwords180 a while ago...but not doing content network stuff at the moment BUT its worth looking at how it helps target the BEST sites and AD positions on those sites....very cool.

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      I have bought it for 20$ i think, and learned a lot about content network.I would say it needs to be updated about link extensions which google now accepts not only known extensions like html,php....but file extensions like asp, folder name /...

      it's worth the money that you pay.
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    I see Site Sniper Pro comes with it's own guide called Placement Targeting Unleashed. Anyone here bought Site Sniper Pro who can comment how this guide compares to Adwords 180 or Ad Infiltration?
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