Sean Donahoe - Video Marketing Goldmine - any reviews?

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Has anyone purchased Sean Donahoe's Video Marketing Goldmine?

It is priced at $497 so it is a chunk of change to drop on "any" program.

I did a search for reviews about the product but all I found were mostly sales pitches, no real reviews of the product.

So I thought I would ask here, as I know you warriors don't hold back.

Just looking for honesty.

Thanks in advance
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    So, I got this a while ago. It's fantastic.

    It's really the A to Z on marketing from what i've seen so far.

    The video's are little lengthy to watch but Sean does a GREAT job explaining everything.

    I've been doing it on the side and have managed to already make almost 500 bucks back in the 2 months i've been working on it! That's alone paid for the price. Now everything is pure profit

    Only have made about 2 video's so far, I plan on investing more time into it this month so I can get into the advanced tactics of video marketing - then we'll see where I really go!
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    He just did a webinar for Brad Callen and everyone seemed to like it. Sean has been in video marketing for a while. He was one of the first that I can remember.

    I've watched the first couple videos so far and he is very in depth on everything. There is about 14 hours of video in the course. I downloaded enounce's myspeed so I can watch these in 1/2 the time. It's totally worth it!
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      I'd like to know I got some random youtube message promoting it.
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        He's a great voice and terrific teacher, this course and a video course by Chad Kimball give the ultimate insight into video marketing 'tricks' that work
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