I really, really like CBProAds

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I was checking out several "Clickbank Ads" services and scripts the last few days since i put up some niche sites and also want to inc my CB earnings.

I have to say i really, really like CBProAds, check out my example sites:

Free Diet Programs: A Review | Best Diets Web - Weight Loss and Nutrition <-- article page

Best Diets Web - Weight Loss and Nutrition <-- main

Why i like them?

They are far better then other services scripts and allow a VAST variety of ads to be created, including adsense contextual style ads, image ads, scrolling ads. Keyword specific or you can specify a clickbank niche.

It even displays Book/Product shots if you want, it also supports banners.
Clickbank descriptions are "rewritten", its not the "affiliate focused" descriptions like "Now 75% commission, highest payouts!" as they come off CB marketplace....but consumer-oriented ad texts.

You can even make a whole storefront of clickbank products if you want, this opens up other possibilites. (Might be comparable to amazon astore)

You can sign up free, then a certain percentage of ads get their ID embedded, but i signed up for 6months "pro" service and its only $29.95 for 6 months. I love it, cant wait to make more niche sites.

I was also told by Steve W. that textads convert better, so, depending on niche i decide either just displaying text ads....or maybe add a couple banners, if i like.

The old way to advertise for me was MANUALLY to go to vendors, check out their affiliates sites, copy banners, make links etc.. they seem to have all the banners on file...so this also saves me lots of work.

Check them out, A+++ alternative to AdSense..

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    Looks like they have improved their ads quality considerably - I joined a long time ago and was not really happy with the results. Thanks for the update- I will give them another try!

    Definitely a better alternative than manually searching the vendors!

    Watch this space for great things coming soon ;-)

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      I have never used them before.

      I might bookmark this for future reference.
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  • just a heads up, clickbank is doing this themselves shortly

    We will soon roll out a new ad-serving platform that will easily allow affiliates to display advertisements for relevant ClickBank products on their Web sites.
    Publishers: Get Increased Visibility and Sales | ClickBank Blog

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    I also used them in the past. My experience was great. If needed then i would like to use them in future.
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