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Hey guys.. wanted to hear what's your opinion about the different automators out there, and why choose one of them above the others.

Looking for people who have these softwares and would care to share their opinion about them:






RSS Submit

Article Marketing Robot



Some of them have more features than the others, so my question to you is:

Why did you choose this software in particular and not an other one?

Why did you buy a software like RSS Submit, that only submits rss feeds, and not an all around tool like MagicSubmitter?

What would you recommend, in terms of pricing, features, and results? (less buggy)

Do you know other submission automation software I have not mentioned here?
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    Hey Pablo,

    I am using currently only two SEo tools and I love them. I tried already many softwares and also some of those which you listed above. THe problem on the most softwares is that they have to many bugs and are simply to slow.

    MY favorite tool is senuke. It's...
    ... A all-in-one solution. Great web 2.0 nuke, forum profile creation, compile hundreds of urls into a rss feed, submit rss feeds to many aggregators, bookmark to the top bookmarking tools

    ... fast. It never crashes, I'm running it with up to 10 threads and it runs just perfectly. Most of other softwares are waaay slower

    ... Option to export all necessary lists of created URLs

    ... Big CON is of course the monlthy price of almost $150 ... But if you know how to use it its peanuts...

    Second best tool for me is AMR.

    ... You can submit articles to over 6000 directories now.

    ... Directories are mixed. Many Wordpress directories are included which is a big plus because they are updated regularly and Google loves that.

    ... INCREDIBLY fast. I create accounts on 6000 Articles in just under 5 minutes and submit the articles in just under 5 minutes... Now how cool's that...

    ... One time payment and it get's regularly updated

    ... Big CON is the huge amount of captchas which need to be solved.. This can be either really pricely for you or you choose to type all captchas manually which reduces the speed of the robot.
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    Thanks for the review!
    We'll see what happens when SeNukeX makes it entrance
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      Thanks for posting this questions on automated tools. I am too sourcing out for an automated tool for my game plan. It takes too much time and i want to solely concentrate on my content creation.

      It would be nice if others would give constructive feedbacks on the softwares mentioned. Although there are older threads that already covered these topics. I would like to hear updated feedbacks as of after the latest google algo change in Feb 2011.

      Maybe posts like success rates on how our website promotion have help you in terms of traffic and rankings would be great.

      Never give up, Never surrender!

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