Where to look for talented designers?

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I'm looking for people like these guys -

1. - About Me

Portfolio: http://arturasp.squarespace.com/portfolio/

2. Simon F A Russell - Art Direction / Motion Graphics / Illustration

Portfolio: http://simonfarussell.com/docs/Simon_Russell_Images.pdf

Anyone got people similar? Trying to get a good t-shirt design out and looking for creative artists.
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    I don't know anyone similar, but I definitely reckon of the two, the first is the better option.
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      Have you tried contacting those two artists? If you like their work, and want art similar to theirs, the first place to start would be to contact them.

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      Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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    @Fireworksable, he was actually my first choice but after a while I decided to send the second guy an e-mail as well.

    @Dan, I did, indeed, contact them - sent them both an e-mail. But neither has replied back so far :I

    And thus I posted a thread asking for relatively similar people!
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    Bump. I kind of want to make sure I have some backups if these people can't pull through for me so any suggestions or replies would be great ><. Thanks!
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    Perhaps you could take a surf around some design forums and blogs?

    I don't know any, but they kind of run on a parallel to my industry, so I'm sure that they have similar communication tools (blogs and forums).
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      I don't have anyone to recommend, I am however going to chime in since I have had 2 bad experiences with designers in the past few months. Find people that have been hired by people you know or people's opinions you respect, even if that means shelling out a few extra bucks. Sign a contract to ENSURE that the content they are using for the design work is not stolen. ie: say you need models wearing your t-shirt .. obviously the logo can be photoshopped ... make sure those models come from content they own - in which case they should have model release forms ... or it's legit photostock. Use something with an escrow service, so if you're not happy, you don't have to shell out any money until the job is done right. Good designers can still be found at places like elance, guru.com, 99designs etc. where you're safe and get more choices.

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