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Hey everyone.

I joined maximum success university a couple months back when Paul asked if I would care to see what he was working on.when I did I was blown away with the content I guarantee you have not seen anything even close to this site. I thought my own product was great but this put mine to shame.

You literally can get a master education in marketing and if you apply the training in it you could literally start banking hard. I applied a couple things I learned and can attest I have made a couple grand because of it.

Paul Barrs is the man behind it and he has worked his tail off to give us the best resource possible. Paul has been online for many many years over 10 for sure and this site is definitely a testament of his character he has taken every step possible to give me and those who sign up a fantastic actionable content filled site that is a literal academy.

My review of maximum success university- 10 out of 10 gold stars. and for those that know me that is saying a heck of a lot
check it out for yourself at Maximum Success University - Private Site
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      Is this Internet Marketing or online MLM?

      Sorry, haven't got the time to read yet.

      Thought I saw 'Success University' - which was a MLM program couple years ago... not sure if this is the same one?
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        Originally Posted by wrays View Post

        Is this Internet Marketing or online MLM?

        Sorry, haven't got the time to read yet.

        Thought I saw 'Success University' - which was a MLM program couple years ago... not sure if this is the same one?
        Hi Wrays
        Definitely not you would not see my name endorsing anything of the like. This is an actual university the amount of content within is a literal wealth of training.
        thanks for the question

        "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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    Is the online course have combine, with real action internet marketing & how fast money that the students can get or just theory like read e-book, watch video, etc?
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        This is an older thread but thought I would add my thoughts. About 2 cents worth

        I'm not sure how I found "Maximum Success University" but I am glad I did. I have experience marketing online and have a few websites that are mediocre at best. Even with the skills I've learned getting traffic, top keyword rank, and making sales is tough to do. No doubt there is a lot of work that needs to be done. There is also a lot of learning that has to be done otherwise forget building an online business.

        I've seen and joined, as a free member, many IM courses and a couple mentoring sites but most just do not deliver what they promise. Maximum Success University was a breath of fresh air, literally speaking. Lots of ideas, strategies, techniques and overall great information. I do understand IM is a long term venture and nothing happens overnight, not usually anyway, so I view this type of program with a long term goal in mind. This program definitely delivers on it's promise. In some cases it way over delivers.

        Goals, Priorities, and Strategy are my weak points. My focus has definitely been improved as well as my knowledge of IM. I highly recommend this course to newbies. As a bonus, it isn't high priced at all. Very modestly priced (very inexpensive and affordable) is more the truth.

        Find out how this guy went from being over $40,000 in debt to having total financial freedom and how you can to.Click Here: Freedom ~
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          I have to throw my two cents in about Maximum Success University (MSU). In my opinion, there is no other IM membership site out there (aside from Chris Farrell Membership which I think set the bar for the rest of the Guru's out there) like MSU. The site has an INCREDIBLE amount of education on all aspects of IM and all that IM entails.

          Niche Marketing, Web Design, Traffic, Wordpress, Membership sites......The list goes. MSU is a veritable cornucopia of IM training that will allow you to get a "Graduate" degree in IM. The site is beyond words. And for the amount Paul Barrs charges for what he gives, he is giving this stuff away!

          Speking of Paul Barrs, he is one of the few truly great Internet Marketing trainers/mentors out there who really stands for Value, Honesty and Integrity. Mr. Barrs has been around for more than a decade but for health reasons, had to take a break.

          Well, he's back and he is developing a great reputation through his MSU site and also his postings here.

          Looking for a membership site you can learn from, you can not go wrong with MSU. He is right up there with Chris Farrell. They have both set the bar really high for the rest of the industry.
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