Any interest in "guru" programs reviews from an insider?

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Hey Folks,

I was wondering if there would be any interest in a site that reviewed the different packages from the big IM "Gurus" (Kern, Schefren, Filsaime, Walker, etc)

Here's the deal-

I was in charge of product development at Strategic Profits and worked with Rich to develop the GPS program and the Uncertainty report. While doing my research I also had a chance to go through many of the bigger guys programs - and in truth, some of them rocked and some of them sucked...but you won't usually hear that anywhere.

I was thinking of getting together with the former Marketing Director of SP to build out a site that reviewed, ranked, and basically gave you an insiders look at the programs.

Is this something anybody would be interested in? You can let me know by posting a comment or shooting me an email.

Was also thinking of posting some articles on how those business work from the inside (which, as you can assume is not necessarily the same as what they teach you). Again, let me know if there is interest.

Thanks for your time everyone.

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    Hey JJ,

    I think your idea is awesome. I would like to know more.


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    It would be great to get an inside look at how some of these guys operate.

    Not sure how objective the reports would be though, coming from two former employees.

    Is there a reason you both no longer work there?

    Did you both part on good terms?

    Either way, I'd love to hear some of the stories, that's for sure.


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    Yea sure JJ, that sounds like it would be great!
    Sure you'd get a lot of loyal followers from this forum coming to check you out..

    Keep "Us" posted on how it turns out for you :-)


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      Looks like a good idea; Objectivity is the key, which is relative term,

      would love to hear more though.
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    Strictly NO affiliate links!!!
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    I have seen lots of "review" sites on the net that eventually steer you toward the guru of choice for the reviewer through the reviewers affiliate link. lol
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'll look into it then.

    Objectivity is really not a problem. I'm not pissed at any of the "gurus" nor am I "in the pocket of anyone". I own a seperate business that is firmly NOT in the "guru" world and was simply a product development and strategy consultant with a lot of access to stuff. I'm sure any worries about that would be put to rest after the first few posts.

    The question remains about the business viability of it tho. I was actually planning to use affiliate programs as the source of income for the site (Ie, I rate all of them, and also have links for you to buy the programs if you wish..regardless of the review)

    Was thinking something like C|Net does with its reviews. Heres what we say, heres what others say, here's the link to buy if you want.

    I can understand your point about the favoritism angle and giving the best reviews to the ones that make me the most money. My guess is that once you read my stuff you'd see that I'm pretty blunt and am not afriad to say what rocks or what sucks, but I get the point.

    Any ideas for other monetization ideas (I would love to do this simply out of the love in my heart, but that does not make a mortgage payment) Subscription models (ie Consumer Reports) are defunct so they're out. And, the traffic requirement to do anything with advertising worthile just wont be there either.

    Love to hear your ideas or comments.


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    Sounds linke a great idea,
    There are a few review sites out there
    and if you put your own TWIST to it would
    go over pretty well.

    Good luck

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      review sites are pretty much every where but yours maybe different given your background,its a case of just testing the waters I would say and see if your reviews do hit the spot.

      For income I don't see why you shouldn't put your affiliate links on there nobody expects you to do it for free and with your background your reviews should stand head and shoulders above the "me too" review sites, so I guess its all about how you position yourself and the insider knowledge you have.


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