Where To Download A Great PDF Converter?

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Hi All,

Please I need a better PDF Converter.

The stuff is that I uses one called DoPDF.It is a very great PDF Converter,easy to install.And with it I can quickly convert a Word Document to PDF by simply clicking "Print",and follow a few steps and I am done.

But the problem now is that any time I uses the DoPDF,it does not work with my affiliate links inside my ebook.It turns[disables] my affiliate links that was previously working inside the Word Document into ordinary lines of words.

Please I want somebody to show me where to download a free PDF Converter that will not disable my affiliate links inside an ebook.

A BIG THANK YOU in advance.
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    I believe Coffee Cup has a free one.

    Also, check out Source Forge.com for open source ones. I can't remember the names, but there were a couple good ones.
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    A great FREE Pdf Converter I use is called PRIMO PDF. You can just go to google and type in PRIMO PDF. Since this is free, it is your best choice.
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    I faced the same problem a while back. I tried a number of free and trial ones. The one that worked best for me is called PDFPrinterPro and can be found at that site. It's not free (about $20) but it handles embedded links. That was the most prevalent problem for me.

    I am not sure about the format of documents. Depending on the version of Word you are using, you may be able to use the capabilites of OpenOffice to turn your documents into PDF. I haven't tested it but I know that software has that capability built-in.
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    I use OpenOffice, it's free and converts at the click of a button.


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    Thanks all for the great tips and points.I have succeeded in using PrimoPDF.I tell you,it is a wonderful application.And I have no problem with at all.

    More BLESSINGS..........

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