Job Crusher with Eric Louviere

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Hello, is anybody using this system? or can tell me a little something about Eric Louviere, thanks.
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    Eric is the real deal (I'm not an affiliate by the way). I have his book and have invested in his mentoring and it was worth every penny I paid.

    Hope that helps.

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    Originally Posted by Marius Preda View Post

    Hello, is anybody using this system? or can tell me a little something about Eric Louviere, thanks.
    I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric about 6 months ago.

    Unlike most so-called, self proclaimed gurus or experts who tell you want you want to hear just so they can sell you something.

    Eric is the real deal, he's a straight forward no BS guy, which is refreshing.

    His programs are solid and if followed you will see results. He has one recurring message which most people fail to follow and that's why most people never make a dime online.

    His message is "Focus on one thing and become 90% good at one thing instead of 10% good a 10 different things"

    Hope this helped
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    same question here - anyone using it?
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      Job crusher is absolutely worth the investment. I've known Eric for years, he's a great guy - very straight forward.

      The members area has a LOT of stuff and it's one of those rare memberships that actually gets updates, new content, etc. on a regular consistent basis.

      I recently spoke at the Job Crusher event Eric, Bill & Matt had in Atlanta - I know at the time they were streaming the content and putting it in the members area. Not sure if it's still there, but if it is, that's one of the best presentations I've ever given.

      Regardless I've always thought Job crusher was excellent, and it's been around for like 4 or 5 years so it has staying power!

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