Squid Proxies - My Straightforward Review

by zeke
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I recently switched from a popular private proxy service to Squid Proxies as I was having just a small problem with the other service and someone recommended Squid Proxies to me.

Private Proxies | Exclusive Proxies

First let me say that I am in no way affiliated with the company. I've been on the WF for quite a while and I don't have a clue about proxies.

Anyway, to start off they delivered my private proxies immediately upon completion of my payment. With other services I've had to wait for several hours.

I emailed support the other day and they replied within 10 minutes to answer my question.

The proxies are all working perfectly and maybe it's just a coincidence but I'm not getting nearly the # of 404 errors with scrapebox.

Last but certainly not least I haven't found a better price than Squid for 10 private proxies.

There you have it, just my opinion if you are looking for a good private proxy service.

Have a great day
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    I totally agree on this as well, I have 25 private proxies from them.

    I got my proxies super fast after my initial order and I haven't had a single proxy fail on me - the proxies are fast, reliable and definitely worth the price.

    Highly recommended!
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    Earlier I used YPP for SEO tools. But I didn't satisfy with that service. So i bought Squid proxies few months ago. Now I can say that i have the best private proxies. Works well!!

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    I've got 50 paid proxies from Squid, and after my proxies got banned, they replaced the whole bunch within 24hrs. After that, they've sent me fresh proxies every single month without me even having to ask. If anyone is looking for proxies, squidproxies is the way to go.
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      I have been using them for a couple of months now and I too have had no problems with their service. Lets hope they don't get too big and stop providing this kind of very good product!
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    Same here, I moved from yourprivateproxy which was okay, but I'm really happy with Squid and use it for SENuke X.
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    I bought 10 proxies from Squid Proxies yesterday and they all are returning 404 timeout error with my ScrapeBox.

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    faceblogger. did you make sure you already add authorized ip ther.?

    maybe your ip always change from your ISP. plese always add the authorized again maybe i changed
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      Originally Posted by rachs View Post

      faceblogger. did you make sure you already add authorized ip ther.?

      maybe your ip always change from your ISP. plese always add the authorized again maybe i changed
      I did add authorized ip there. And, my IP (authorized IP) is static. Looks like the problem is somewhere else.

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    Yeah, I have my proxies with SquidProxies.com as well and they are great. Support is very responsive and polite which is a BIG plus when working with any proxy provider.

    They know exactly what they're talking about are determined to get your problems sorted ASAP.
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    I move from Squid to MyPrivateProxys, I'm more happy now, more faster proxies and they are hosted in USA
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    I love squid, no problem at all for me.
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    I just signed up with 10 proxies from Squidproxies and let me tell me ScrapeBox is now lightening FAST. Got my order completed in minutes.

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  • Yeah. They also work out well for me. Payed with credit card but had my proxies up and running within a hour. Good stuff.
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    I thought I would update my review of SquidProxies as I may be misinforming other Warriors.

    Ever since I left my review here, their overall service has rapidly gone downhill. Their proxies are down a lot of the time and I know it's not use abusing them as we only use them lightly (we have other proxy providers).

    There have been times when we've not used them for a few days and then when we come back to use them we get IP blocked error messages which for starters, we don't use them heavily enough to get them blocked anyway, but even if they were blocked, this block should usually be cleared when the proxies haven't been used for a days.

    This leads me to believe that they are not actually private proxies and they are being shared amongst other users (even when I'm paying for private proxies).

    On top of that, it takes their support staff at least a day to reply to my ticket and by that time, we have lost a days work on our SEO, which also puts our schedule behind a day and makes us look bad to our clients.

    Lastly, I received absolutely no apology for the frequent downtime. Only one time I received a $1 credit to my account, which is an absolute waste of time because we have potentially lost hundreds due to our proxies not working.

    I have another proxy provider as a backup but obviously we don't buy twice the amount we need because it wouldn't be cost effective for us to do so, therefore we are still down 50% of our proxies when the SquidProxies proxies are down.

    Our other provider is YourPrivateProxy and they have been super, so I am going to move all of our proxies over to them and hopefully we won't experience downtime any more.

    Final words = You get what you pay for!
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  • Profile picture of the author John Ac
    YourPrivateProxy is great, I have also pass form squidproxy to YourPrivateProxy.
    And now I have much better result

    I'm thinking how it will work with my own proxy server... I will let you know
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      i have used squid before and they were great. I stopped doing IM so i didnt need the proxies anymore, but now that I'm back, this is the first service that i signed up for. Without question or looking around, these guys are the best proxy providers around.

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    I've just bought Scrapebox and found out that it requires some good private proxies to work at its full potential, so after I've done some research and also viewed your reviews here, I've decided to go for Squid Proxies. After I've seen how their system and proxies work I've decided that they really deserve another good review. As JohnFireMan said in the first post, I got my proxies right away, they are working very good and the scraping speed is awesome. The price is also very good. I recommend them.
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    SquidProxies is very good, I use the proxies in all of my SEO tools, and they work well. I really like their control panel too at http://vip.squidproxies.com/config.php
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      I've received package right after I made a payment at PayPal. Proxies are excellent.For sure I can recommend you SquidProxies.com
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  • Profile picture of the author Evelynn Kyle
    Anybody have experience with anonymous-proxies.net?
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