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Haven't found anything but was wondering if there are any users of either AdBot or IndexBot?
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    I was also wondering the same thing. I wonder if they will update them as well..

    See socialbot and rss bot havent posted for a long time now. wonder if these will end upt he same way?

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    IndexBot was working fine for me when I used it last. I haven't had to fire it up recently.

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      before buying adbot I am wondering if you are able to add your own sites to the software?

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    Indexbot works ok (normal, as its very simple stuff that it does), Adbot is very semi automatic (which means is more manual than automatic) and bugged. Cant make it to work because of basic errors like trying to login with username when web form requires email to login.
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    Haven't used either but I know that Incansoft seems to be slacking on their older tools as of late, I used to love them but they just don't really seem to keep up these days.
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