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Hi there.

I'm Neill Ryan and I'm about to launch a brand new site for anyone who HATES getting up in front of the camera and making video content.

We've got training from one of London's top media experts (Brian Naylor) and we're showing people how to relax in front of the camera and learn how to present videos with conviction and clarity - (I know this is a MASSIVE sticking point for internet marketers who just can't bare to watch themselves on camera).

At the moment we're doing lots of testing and we REALLY need some opinions and some social proof so I'm willing to let some people in for FREE to give this thing a test run and let us know what they think. (So that's a FREE LIFETIME pass to the site).

Brian charges £750 per day for his training so it's WELL worth a look for free.

Check out this link for the full scoop:

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    Nice idea. I am interested to see what this is about but I don't think you'll get many takers here as forced optins are not allowed on the forum and admin will end up deleting your post once they check it out.
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    Don't know that absolutely hate doing video, but I am sure not good at it. I'm taking you up on the offer, opt-in or not.

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