Is there anyone practice the Facebook Wealth Formula by Adam C.Miller

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Hello, is there any member here who use “FacebookWealth Formula” method by Adam C. Miller? That is free WSO which has received so many great responses. I just want to confirm the effectiveness of this method.

I’ve problems in running the methods in this free WSO. I see a lot of good testimonials, but I was slightly disappointed after I tried it myself. I also informing this matter by e-mail but Adam not yet answer it.

I was very desperate in making a lot of Facebok friends in a short time. Therefore, I was very amazed and happy when I read up Facebook Wealth Formula. His method is very logical and I practice it. I expected much from Adam method.

I do all that is written in e-book.

First, create a new e-mail address
Second, create a new facebook account
Third, import the CSV file which contains a list of e-mail address in my e-mail account
Fourth, import it from e-mail account to my facebook account. I do it according to Adam's suggestion that includes no more than 500 contact list for the 1st time practice.
Fifth, send friend requests and skipping the “invite” offer
Sixth, waiting for friends to grow

I did all of that not only on a one new account but 2 new accounts. But the warning message still appears. My friend request was blocked for 2 days.

Therefore, if there are members who practice the method of Adam, please tell me, where is my mistake? Just to inform, my Adam e-book is the last updated one which published on 2th April 2011.

One more, does anybody know Adam C. Miller account ID in Warriorforum?

Thank you
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    I have made a lot of money using Facebook Wealth Formula. May be you've missed my free report on it which was downloaded by a lot of WF members and there is a very long discussion thread about it.

    Actually only 2 out of 100 people may have problem with this method and they are unable to make money from it like FB account ban problem. But 98% people are using this method very succesfully and making a lot of cash.

    I am still making money out of it

    Read this thread for more information.

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    Hi supersonic thanks for response
    Anyway, I've sent message for you a few days ago but not replied yet. I hope you can reply it ASAP. I really desperate in making facebook fanpage business.


    I'll read that thread
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    I have read that ebook, although I do not use that exact method but it is a sound method of making money. Some things change and evolve as the internet becomes more crowed and one of those is Facebook. You can still get plenty of friends on facebook although not in that time limit by white hat methods. You just need to do it in smaller quanities of email lists. Also search other ways of getting friends.

    A facebook page is good but what even more important now is a fan page. Lots easier to get followers on that and can be more direct.
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