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Anyone explored this?

Viral Profit Code
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    Originally Posted by vstar00 View Post

    Anyone explored this?

    Viral Profit Code
    Logically, what could it be?

    I'm thinking it's some kind of content locking script, "Share this page and get instant access!" Which I have no desire to put on my site. :p

    Just my take on it.


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      @vstar00, that's the squeeze page...

      this is the sales page:

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    I saw the same sales page. Has anyone here of the guy in the video- Sal Haque
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      Argh!! Another $37 blind sales letter!! :rolleyes:

      Here's a tip if anyone wants to "take one for the team" and investigate it - I believe the second or third exit pop gives you a $10 discount.

      So you can grab the so-called "magic code" for $27. Who's willing to gamble??

      P.S. Anyone know what the refund experience is like when purchasing through "Plimus"?
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        Originally Posted by pogul View Post

        Argh!! Another $37 blind sales letter!! :rolleyes:

        Here's a tip if anyone wants to "take one for the team" and investigate it - I believe the second or third exit pop gives you a $10 discount.

        So you can grab the so-called "magic code" for $27. Who's willing to gamble??

        P.S. Anyone know what the refund experience is like when purchasing through "Plimus"?
        Yeah, I found out how to get a $10 discount just now .

        And yes, I'm also interesting in hearing about refunds and reviews about Plimus, it seems like a new hot commission junction site.
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          The WF is definitely saving me from all the guru black magic!

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            I respect what Khadijah says, but that was not my experience with Plimus; getting a refund was about as much fun as having a tooth pulled! The "negotiation" allows it to drag on forever ... or until you quit!
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              Hi Everyone,

              I bought the system ignoring all the upsells, and there are heaps of them, more than I am used to. but I can say that what he promotes can work, it encourages viral marketing to unlock a special offer.

              You do need to become a member of a CPA network in order to succeed but once you have it, it should be a simple process.

              I will let you know how it pans out.

              Yours in Success
              Call and Play for Skype

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        Plimus has always refunded quickly and easily for me.
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    I have got the access to the product and here is what I find inside.

    It is a "content locking and visitor referral tracking script" that will get unlocked when a visitor refers some particular number of people to the site.

    There are over 3 hours long video training inside (Nothing but how to setup website and how to install code etc.).

    So nothing new really. But one thing that is different from others is the customer support number given inside the members area that I suppose will accept calls
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      Originally Posted by jrafique View Post

      It is a "content locking and visitor referral tracking script" that will get unlocked when a visitor refer(s) some particular number of people to the site.
      JRafique, I interpret your reply as, "Now that you've found my site, if you give me the email addresses of three (or five, or whatever) of your friends, you can have this (valuable product). I'll include a message that says you're the _______ who gave me their address to avoid just spamming them."

      If you're already looking for a script like this, $27 seems like a good price to me, especially if there's adequate support. With the right product and follow-up, I can see how this guy can afford a Rolls.

      There's a Warrior with a link in his sig. I PM'ed him to suggest he chime in. According to WF rules, he can't start a thread on it, but I expect he can at least enlighten us a bit. The VPC sales page is pretty lean on details.

      Charlie Gosh
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    Havnet got the product yet, but I think jrafique cleared that up.

    However if you buy get ready for an onslaught of upsells and OTO's. Ridiculous. Never seen anything like it.

    Not only that but he seemed to have the "No thanks" links at the bottom set to open a new tab/page, so instead of 1 pop up you now have to make your way through several identical pages all asking you the same thing.

    Dont know about the product yet. But that right there is enough for me to avoid buying from him in the future.
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    As long as people keep buying blindly these marketers will continue to put up blind sales letters.

    If he is so sure about his code being protected then why doesnt he give you a link to a site that is using his code so you can experience first hand how it works and what it does?

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    This is why I love WF. In the pre WF, I could have fallen for the very nice and long sales letter like this one especially if recommended to me by Gurus I used to follow and admire. Now I come to WF to see what people thinks of the product like this one. When I saw it is only $37 I almost ready to hit the buy button when I checked on WF first. I am glad I did. I have also bought so many products in WF that would have cost me hundreds from the Millionaire Gurus. I have started to unsubscribe to a lot of these expensive Gurus.
    Thank you WF for saving me a lot of money.
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    Yea, it's best to just stick with what you are doing that is already working. If you are making some money, do more of that activity!

    No magic buttons.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to review another time waster!

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      A marketer who I have held in high regard sent the following email to me:

      " *new* VIRAL script just got released!

      It brings in Fast FREE Traffic (overnight)..
      It's a short simple code you simply
      copy & paste into your existing websites
      (nothing technical!)

      Download & Install the script in the link below"

      Seemed simple enough so I took the hook! After declining 6 upsells, I finally was taken to the product! It is definitely not a matter of copy and pasting into ones websites. There's 4 modules to work through! I don't have the time to work my way through another "course" so this product is superfluous to my "portfolio!"
      Unfortunately it isn't a Clickbank product so getting a refund might be challenging, but I'm certainly going to try.
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        Overall it really isn't a bad product, however most marketers especially someone who is new to IM and still working a Full Time Job as well as trying to spend time with their Family are not going to want to take the time that is going to be needed to be successful with this product.

        Instead their time could be much better spent doing Article Marketing etc. to drive traffic to their website.


        For honest internet marketing product reviews as well as tips for how to make money online go to Online Internet Marketing Business
        Also make sure to check out my FREE Get High PR .Edu Backlinks Report NO SIGN UP REQUIRED!

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        I love that word "superfluous to my "portfolio", that is exactly what most of these graphically explosive websites and programs are. Thanks for the input... I was just going to hit the buy button.. I choose not to.....
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    Hi Guys, wow I am so grateful to the WF, and of course you guys, there is so much C**P out there it is scary, thanx once again!!
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    One bit of advice for anyone wanting to shoot a vainglorious video showing off high-ticket automobiles... don't do it on trash day! geeeeeezzz, Sal, what were you thinking??
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      I just wonder how much did he pay for the ability to drive that Rolls into garage.

      I tried to navigate away from that page, first he wants to get your email, then you can get code with $10 discount, boring.

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    Wow,, this product sounds very interesting... I would like to know if anyone actually brought the product and then tried the product. Upsells generally are a part of the marketing process - That most of us don't particularly care for.. .

    However, I have tried many products that I have purchased and they all worked to some degree, they objective is to put them to work... then make a determination about them. I am really tired of people making judgments based on the sales letter or the amount of upsells... that;s more opinion about the process not fact about the actual product...

    No offense, I don't want to hear people's opinion of what they think.... I want to hear from people who have actually brought and tried the product, not just went through and figured out that it is to much work to implement. People who become wealthy generally have to weed through some things in order to have wealth... which is why most people don't have wealth.

    Sure hearing from Sal would have been cool but of course that would be a biased reply lol.. I am more interested in hearing from someone who has purchased and actually tried the product. So I guess I will be that person to actually buy the product and put it to use... and then I will chime in at a later date, after I have real working knowledge and then evaluate the product, probably without taking any of the upsells... initially - just because...
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    Oh and I forgot to add that getting a refund from Plimius is pretty easy to do... however they do allow the vendor to have a say and try to give a resolve, but if you are adamant that you want a refund...you simply escalate the ticket to Plimius and then they will give you a refund right away.... so that is cool about Plimius.... Hope th is helps
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    Guru's were pissing me off with all their "Push Button" B.S.
    *yawn* "there's no true push button system...oh but let me explain to you my push-button system"
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    This really isn't as unique as it leads on to be....just another viral marketing script. Actually, I've been using trafficzombie for this and it's features seem a lot better...however more expensive
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    Love the convertible Rolls Royce. I may rent one as well for my next product launch.
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    What the heck is a Entertainment Hacker? Anyone who knows of a college that teaches Entertainment Hacking, let me know.

    I always trip out when these ad copies alway bash the so called "gurus". I hate GURUS! Burn in Hell GURU's you suck GURU's... You sell people crap. Now I am selling the same type of crap... And I am using you sorry GURU's to write my copy. He also says he makes 99% more than all the guru's. If that were possible that that would make him 99% more guru than the other guru's.

    I would like to see if people bought this... How did it work for them? How much more traffic is your site getting?
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    Strike 1 - $37. Strike 2 - a Rolls. Strike 3 - Entertainment Hacker. Two theories on strike 3. Maybe...hacking gaming sites...or worse yet, Limewire. What are those guys doing now? A few weeks ago I returned all golden eggs to Clickbank...and got back to methodically doing what works. I made a promise to myself to never get sucked in again.
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    Oh - how glorious it is to be a warrior member - THANKS to all that took the time.
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