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Hey guys,

I'm new to the SEO game. I've done my reading and I'm comfortable on my theory. Done some keyword research and ready to launch a site. But in terms of software, I have no idea where to start (I'm fine on research software though)

SEO Link Robot?
Serp Assist?
Sick Submitter?

I want to stay on a budget.

So I'm thinking I should get TBS+AMR for article directory submissions; it seems the general consensus is AMR>UAW. Agree?
Quick question: I understand AMR uses a tonne of directories; does this include the ones at the top? ezine/goarticles?

What next? Are Senuke/SLR/SerpAssist all interchangable? Is there a decent cheaper alternative (other than manual labour )

Is there any other important software I should consider?

Thanks for your help
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    if you are on a budget than the one time fee article marketing robot is a great tool - if you act quickly you can still get seo link robot for a one time fee - i think you can find a discount code and get sick submitter for under $20/month. this should be a pretty decent package with a reasonable budget. especially considering you are just getting started with your site(s).

    p.s. - this is not to suggest that seo link robot is better than senukex, or visa versa, or magic submitter...this has been thoroughly argued in other threads
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      Honestly, my recommendation would be do not buy anything.

      Not until you start making a profit. You will learn a lot more by doing things manually, and you will better understand what the automated tools are doing. On top of that, you will realize just how valuable they are because of the time they are saving you.

      The tools you are looking at are all good though.

      AMR, SEOLR, and Sick would be my top three choices out of those to someone that is new. Stay away from monthly subscriptions until you get a grasp of what you are doing. Sick is monthly, but only like $20/month.
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        Sick submitter is a good place to start as a solid, affordable tool without a doubt. You could also look at taking advantage of magic submitter's $4.95 first month trial which is easily enough time to evaluate it and get the hang of it.
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    I agree with MikeFriedman. If you are new to SEO, you absolutely MUST do some grunt manual work at first. How do you expect to really understand all the possibilities those auto-tools offer, if you don't have the experience with the actual work first?

    My advice to you is: Start small, work by yourself, find a method that works for you, even if you make only 1$/day. Then, when you are sure that it's scalable, go and outsource it or buy a tool that does it for you. I think this is the safest way.
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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I do in fact plan to do stuff manually for the first month or so.

    One question I have is are Senuke/SLR/SerpAssist/Sick more or less interchangable? Like do they all perform the same tasks?

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      Originally Posted by chenkev View Post

      One question I have is are Senuke/SLR/SerpAssist/Sick more or less interchangable? Like do they all perform the same tasks?

      Quick answer is no they do not - there are tons of opinions for the pros and cons of all the products. Start slow, learn everything you can, do some manual seo so you better understand what you are actually trying to accomplish and for now, i would consider the one time fee (amr/slr) combo if you really want automation. probably more than enough to get started.
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      Originally Posted by chenkev View Post

      Thanks for the advice guys.

      I do in fact plan to do stuff manually for the first month or so.

      One question I have is are Senuke/SLR/SerpAssist/Sick more or less interchangable? Like do they all perform the same tasks?

      There is some overlap between some of the tools, but none of them have all of he same functionality. If you are dead set on making some purchases, SEO Link Robot and Sick Submitter are probably a good place to start. Not too expensive. I really like AMR, but you have to either write a lot of content yourself or pay someone to do it for you to really get the most out of it.

      There's also Scrapebox. It is a pretty amazing tool, but there is a good sized learning curve that comes with it. When you really learn how to use it though, it is incredible. I use it several times a day.
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    Yes you are overwhelmed. It is time for action, and how about an annual budget of $117 to start. Here is what I recommend:

    1. keyword research - free using Google Adwords tool OR use trial version of Market Samurai, as the keyword research tool remains yours to keep at the end of the trial

    2. $10/yr - Register an exact match domain with extension of .com or .net

    3. $72/yr - Get hosting - I am satisfied with Host Gator. Don't skimp here. It will cost you in the end

    4. $35 lifetime - War Room Membership

    Now slap up a WordPress site on your domain and write your own stuff and get your own links. If you choose Adsense, many advise to wait until you have some decent traffic showing up before you activate it.

    When you have made $117 plus saved up enough to buy some software, then by all means buy a tool that you have researched that will automate some aspect of what you have been doing by hand.

    There are so many tools available in the War Room it is doubtful you will need to buy much.

    Work that first site until you have exhausted all possibilities. It is either an income producer or it is not. You will have to test and track everything so you can analyze what did or did not work. If your first site makes at least the expenses of its own registration and hosting for a year ($82) then it is likely worth keeping.

    Stay out of the WSO area. It is like a giant cookie jar - full of your favorite treats. Hang out in the War Room instead, which is like a buffet of healthy food. Once you pay admission it is all you can eat...
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    Currently I own Article Marketing Robot and it is a great product!! It has had problem like any other package, but it has high number that I don't see with any other package...
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      Originally Posted by Patchworks View Post

      Unfortunately, the support for AMR is quite sketchy and the program is very UNSTABLE... Good luck getting a reliable answer...
      This is not true. The forums are reliable as is Loz. Go ask there. And Vince has always been good with support. Did you try skype? And yeah he goes on mini holidays but with the way some "customers" treat him this is understandable. Everyone and I mean everyone needs time to recharge and refocus. The customer, no matter what we've been brainwashed to believe is not always right. AMR is an excellent program, been using it for about a year.
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        Here's the advice I usually give to new people who are totally overwhelmed:
        1. Stop worrying about which automation tool to buy
        2. Don't buy push button software
        3. Get comfortable with the technology (ftp, cpanel, hosting accounts, dns, etc.)
        4. Prepare yourself mentally to fail... A LOT!

        The key thing is to learn is:

        You need to bring qualified traffic to a well presented and a high converting offer.

        If my best friend were starting out and asked me for a headstart, I'd buy them access to ChadH's "Traffic Blackbook" and Dan Brock's "Deadbeat Super Affiliate".

        The other program that's awesome value is James Schramko's "Traffic Grab" but its probably going to lose a newbie.

        I'd also suggest they learn to do everything by hand and then rather than buying tools, learn to outsource and manage that process - its a much better way to scale.

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    You might want to consider Article Demon...I have all the Demon products and their top notch. Good support and frequent updates.
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