Has anyone used Amy Bass' Nitche Blogger

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I'm interested in her mentoring program and was hoping for some reviews on it.
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    I have been on Amy`s program for over two months now and I cannot commend her highly enough because of her step by step approach which is ideal for thickos like me.The amount of quality content she delivers is incredible. I am thankful for the day I signed up to her program and so will you be.
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    • Originally Posted by commander View Post

      I have been on Amy`s program for over two months now and I cannot commend her highly enough because of her step by step approach which is ideal for thickos like me.The amount of quality content she delivers is incredible. I am thankful for the day I signed up to her program and so will you be.

      Thanks Commander
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    Hey Paul

    I am also interested in getting information on The Niche Blogger

    It would be great if we could get some information on

    The Niche Blogger vs Blog Inferno

    Thank You --Dossett
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    Hi peter

    I just joined Amy's program in Nov and I now have my first blog up and running. I really recommend her program for newbies as she gives a step by step explaination and you are not left wondering what to do next. The site in my signature is the result of her guidance that she provided in the program.


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  • Thanks Charles and Buddy, sounds like what I'm looking for.

    BTW, great site Charles.
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    Originally Posted by Peter "Paul" Williams View Post

    I'm interested in her mentoring program and was hoping for some reviews on it.
    Hi Paul, Sandy here...

    Can you or someone familiar with Amy's program
    list here where to find out more about it?

    Thanks so much,
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    • Originally Posted by SandyHall View Post

      Hi Paul, Sandy here...

      Can you or someone familiar with Amy's program
      list here where to find out more about it?

      Thanks so much,

      Sure Sandy, here's the link.
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        Originally Posted by Peter "Paul" Williams View Post

        Sure Sandy, here's the link.
        The Niche Blogger - Make Money Blogging
        Thanks so much Peter.
        I'll look into it.

        I've been in Internet MArketing for close to ten years,
        and I haven't yet set up my own blog. Unbelievable right?

        From what I gather from the posts in this thread, Amy's
        system sounds like a good one.

        Thanks for info.

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          I tested it with the 3 day trial and thought that while it wasn't what I needed, it would be perfect for beginners. It starts off from scratch assuming you have zero knowledge of how to set up a site etc. There is plenty of content for month 1, but you have to be a member for 30 days before you can see month 2. I didn't see past month 1, but I would be that if you are a beginner, you will have more than enough information to start making money online. I just needed something more advanced.
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          • Originally Posted by nhangen View Post

            I tested it with the 3 day trial and thought that while it wasn't what I needed, it would be perfect for beginners. It starts off from scratch assuming you have zero knowledge of how to set up a site etc. There is plenty of content for month 1, but you have to be a member for 30 days before you can see month 2. I didn't see past month 1, but I would be that if you are a beginner, you will have more than enough information to start making money online. I just needed something more advanced.
            Thanks Nhangen
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        • Originally Posted by SandyHall View Post

          Thanks so much Peter.
          I'll look into it.

          I've been in Internet MArketing for close to ten years,
          and I haven't yet set up my own blog. Unbelievable right?

          From what I gather from the posts in this thread, Amy's
          system sounds like a good one.

          Thanks for info.

          Your Welcome Sandy, Hpoe it works out for you.
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    You should also visit her WSO forum thread and read thru some of the posts there - people are generally thrilled with her membership (yep I'm a member too) http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...-blogging.html

    "Perfectionism is just procrastination in a 3-piece suit."
    --Paul Myers

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  • Just signed up last night. Highly recommended to everyone looking for a structured, step by step plan of ACTION by someone that is actually doing what they teach and making money at it.
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    Sounds interesting, has anyone made much money from this yet? And so how much?
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      I was a member for 8 months and earned a whopping $20. I asked Amy for proof of her income, or anyone else making any money and my posts got deleted and I never got an answer.
      The course is good for a brand new newbie who wants to learn step by step how to set up a blog. But I wouldn't recommend a lifetime membership as there is not much info on how to choose a niche and her system for finding one and keywords is not in depth at all.
      With over 700 members you would expect a high turn out of people making money and posting about it, or Amy putting out testimonials from people on their actual income and there is none.
      I am not attacking Amy, as she seems to help when she can, I just don't believe the system is that great, especially after reading what I read here. I know no income is guaranteed and not everyone posts on forums, but I would think that anyone with income claims for their members, would have some proof.
      I followed the course to the T and got nowhere. I know personally of 10 people that made it to month 5 that were also not making money. There are 700 members+ but you don't get access to the next months information until you have been there 30 days or you are a lifetime member. I was in the bunch that started her program within the first week it was available.
      I just feel that her teachings are missing something. Being brand new to IM, I did learn some basic techniques, but there was a huge hole in her teachings. True I was booted with an email from her saying "you don't seem to be happy with my course" and a partial refund. If I had copies of all my posts I would show everyone of you, as they were never attacking. Just a concerned member who sunk her money into a system that was not working. I even offered up ideas on what the problem could be and I never ever got a solid answer. I was willing to do whatever she told me to fix what went wrong.
      Not every system works for everyone. I know that. I did learn some lessons of value from her course as a newbie with no knowledge of computers. As to the actual niche blogging system, I feel that it was not helpful and everything she taught could be learned for free.

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        I was one of the first to join her program I think (I joined the day she put it on her personal blog). Before I followed her program I made a maximum of $5 a month with adsense, in November I made almost $20, in December I got to $25 and for January I'm already at $8. I know it's not much compared to the biggest part of the members here at the Warriorforum, but for me it's an improvement that I never expected. Offcourse, like with every course there are people that like it and people that don't, but I'm pro. I just need to get my affiliate products to be sold better, but at least adsense is doing great.

        Taking it one day at a time!
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    I do not post very often on the Niche blog, but I've been following the controversy.

    I noticed within the last few months, there were alot of people posting about their lack of progress income wise.

    When I first joined Niche Blogger I made a post about treating your blog like a business.

    I think one of the problems members are having, is the fact that they are encouraged to start a blog about a topic they have passion for, rather than finding topics that can be monetized.

    It is sad to see the way Amy is handling this.

    When I first bought her product I was very happy with it, even though I thought the info could have been layed out in a better order. After getting lost acouple of times and reading about all the problems newbies were have with setup, I am not as satisfied.

    That is just my opinion.
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      I've never posted in Amys forum (I think I will now though) but it seems that some people are holding that against Amy.

      I've seen the posts from people asking others how much they're making and to be honest, I don't usually share that type of information. This forum is the only one where I sometimes let things out because I've been here so long and made so much from what I've learned here and the people I met and become friends or business partners with, that I feel obliged to sometimes just so that newcomers realise that there are people making good money.

      (Since her program is only in its 5th month - I'm confused about how people can post '8 months' worth of experience with it.)

      Obviously everyone's version of 'good' is different, but when it comes to blogging and doing the things Amy teaches - I've made over $1000 a day using those techniques.

      I don't think Amy is making this much, but then again she's not claiming to. I do know that she walks her talk and makes more money using what she talks about than selling her information.

      To be perfectly honest, she's just about the perfect person for a lot of people to learn blogging from because she's a genuine nice person who has focused right in on blogging, made money doing it and spends a LOT of time (far more than I ever would) detailing everything she knows about it so that others can get the huge buzz that she now gets from being able to take care of her family with her online business.

      I'm sure she has her sights set on more and more success both in her own income and in the success of the people she's helping.

      In my experience, my spending and lifestyle have increased at roughly the same (or higher) rate as my income, so while she's making more than most people with her online business, she's a very private person and probably even still feels like she's not "really successful - like the 'gurus'" and doesn't think flashing her income numbers will help others, since they can be faked and most people who are sceptical and not making money yet won't believe it anyway.

      Unfortunately she doesn't control whether other people post about their success or not. But you certainly can't make the assumption that because we don't - it must mean that no-one is making money.

      Now, maybe Amys way of doing things is too much like hard work for some people or maybe her teaching style is not perfect for everyone (Way too much detail for me since I'm funamentally lazy and try to avoid 'work' ) but it's good information that works if followed and she's a genuine person selling what's working (read that word again) for her.

      No-one is saying she's a guru and there's no-one better, but she does make money doing what she teaches and there's no reason other people can't (some of us do).

      I can understand that some people probably gave it a go and failed, but then again a LOT of people do that with PPC and end up saying it doesn't work - which obviously is not true. Sometimes certain models of business are not right for some people and they just can't get motivated to effectively get stuck in and stick with it until they see decent results - hey that's IM all over.

      If you've tried something and not made it work, please don't feel that you need to come to this forum and tell everyone else it won't work for them. If you used a tool and it just plain never worked or it crashed, that's one thing, but a 'system' that you need to work in just the right way to see any results, and need to get 'right' in your own way to get great results - it's not the same, and many other people may well change their life using what didn't work for you.

      I do love that this forum has such passionate members that really do have other members interests at heart and go out of their way to share their experiences, but sometimes it's not doing anyone any good when all you share is what didn't work and in a way that you're really saying you don't think it will work for others either.

      Sorry to post such a long post focused on a negative issue, but there's clearly some posting going on lately by people who haven't given much consideration for the downside their posts can have on others.


      nothing to see here.

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        Jesus.............Are you guys joking.

        No one in the right mind can guarantee results or money.

        She teaches you how to blog.

        Through her membership I've been able to create a blog from scratch, something i've never been able to do in the past.

        At the moment i'm recieving around 500 uniques for my blog and i'm ecstatic. I havn't monetized my blog because i'm not chasing the clicks. I want to eventually sell my own products to my little community.

        Was it easy? No i've worked my butt off for 5 months to get to this stage. Have i made any money? No i have not. But i have a plan where if successful i'll be making alot more than just a few clicks of adsense.

        Plant the seeds, be patient and the time for harvest will come.

        Amy Bass is a fantastic person to begin with, she is a great mentor as well and has helped me considerably.

        She has given me the seeds to build a successful blogging empire, what i do with my seeds is up to me.

        Everything you ought to know about kids soccer can be found in this little community...

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    Sorry some had a poor experience here. It's valuable to hear both sides.

    Any program has the potential to work with the proper application. Whether the program is the right fit for your circumstances should be determined during the trial or guarantee period. Your expectations may be very different that the realities of the actual course work.
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      Just to chime in regarding the comment of Amy being a private person. I think that the fact that she openly posts her debt-reduction journey including facts, figures, amounts, etc. - that this isn't a valid argument. It will be interesting to see if other negative opinions surface.

      I am frankly interested in hearing everyone's opinions - positive and negative (and am not making a judgement for or against the program).
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    I'm a member of Amy's course. I'd consider myself an advanced blogger, who uses Wordpress both for blogs and as a CMS for most of my sites.

    I signed up with Amy because she *has* succeeded with her own personal blog. If she has 700 members for her members area she has clearly succeeded with that too.

    The course is definitely aimed at beginners.

    It's a solid product at a v competitive price for the target audience. Amy clearly works hard at it and it's regularly updated.

    With any product I buy, I try to learn in two ways:

    1) By what the marketer says, ie the content of the course. In this case, I've probably picked up a nugget or two each month but as I say, it's aimed at beginners.

    2) By what the marketer does, ie here we have a successful blogger who has set up a successful membership site with an effusive set of followers. If you can't look over the shoulder of a newbie blogger made good, who now teaches what she knows to a large group she recruited and learn *lots*, then it might be time to give up.

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  • First, I'd like to thank everyone that posted. I asked for honest reviews, both good and bad. That is the only way one can make up their own mind about joining a program or not.

    The reason I posted such a request on WF is that the people here actually help the other members. (that's how I first heard about Amy's program to begin with).

    I for one welcome an honest neg. review just as much as an honest pos. one.

    But I personally would not say that it wouldn't work for everyone. I would word it as "In my experiance" that way I am only giveing a review on my experiance with whatever is in question.

    As for the Niche Blogger System that Amy has created, I have found my home.

    I have finished month one and waiting for month two, actually, I plan to become a Lifetime Coaching Member as soon as possible.

    In the past, I had jumped from program to program trying to find my way out of the dark. I have had varying success, but no map.

    In my opinion the Niche Blogger is great for a newbie trying to get started in IM. Amy takes you from knowing absoultly nothing, (I am embarassed to say, I didn't even know anything about FTP.) all the way to a seasond pro.

    My experiance has been extreamely good with this program. I now have a duplicatable plan to follow and grow my income.

    I'm positive that if I follow along and do not stray, I will meet my income goals with this program alone.
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    Paul, glad to know that this thread answered those questions for you. Good luck in the program.
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  • Thanks for the good wishes guys.

    I'm gonna put on my blinders, work this program and not get side tracked by jumping from one program to another.

    If I keep at this one, I'm sure I'll make it!
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      I'd like to add one thing:

      It is possible to make money by creating small mini-sites that are monetized with adsense. It took my 5 months to get my first $100 from Google, and now I'm averaging between 1-2 bucks a day with 2 mini-sites. I've also got a few other methods and overall these 2 sites make me about 50-100 a month. It isn't great, but all I did was slap them together and throw up 10 articles on each. Now that I know they will work, I'm actually going to spend the time improving them.

      I like to work on a lot of projects at once to see what fits me best and what works the best. It may be a flaw, but I generally have 5-10 projects going on at once. I like niche blogging and I know that you can make money doing it. You have to put in a lot of effort though.

      Even though I no longer subscribe to Amy's program, I still feel strongly enough about it to promote it as an affiliate. I rarely do that because my reputation is important to me. If you read about Amy's story, she worked her tail off for a year and a half to pay off that debt, but she actually did it. I have no doubts at all that she knows what she is doing.
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        I thought about joining Amy Bass but I thought I would need to have some basic idea on blogging first. The membership price is reasonable. Hopefully she'll run a sale in the near future.

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            I bought Niche Blogger and was not impressed with the information given. For one thing, the same information is available for free elsewhere. I requested a refund (under the stated conditions on her site) and Amy Bass would not honor her guarantee. I am now filing complaint with the BBB and my state attorney general's office is investigating. Just a word of warning to anyone that if you buy it, you better like it because it is yours forever.

            I am sure she is a nice person but you must stand by your word in business.
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    Shes top knotch. You will be very happy with her mentoring.
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    Make me an offer.
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    Amy put up great videos and tutorials. She basically gave me the tools to blog for money and i'm almost at $100 month from addSENSE alone.

    Program well worth the money, tips and advice are priceless.

    My WSO is giving 40% off WOW! There is an affiliate program with it, pays 50%. High quality videos showing step-by-step what to click and what to type in, so easy!

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    Of course the information was available elsewhere. Setting up a blog is hardly rocket science. What she was offering you was EDUCATION, saving you time and money.

    As for your legal rubbish, why are we to believe a word you say when you come in here with just the one post and with an obviously false name?

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    For $18 per month I think Amy is
    providing plenty of value.

    I was curious about her - great
    story and that's why I joined more
    than anything else.

    It's not a business model for me,
    but from past experience your
    results with her approach are
    going to depend on your willingness
    to work, your ability to write something
    interesting and the topic you choose.

    In the distant past I taught people
    to build "ugly websites" and make an
    Adsense Income. It was a beginner
    course, similar to this. But no matter
    how hard you drill it into people's
    heads they're going to do things that
    make failure a certainty.

    Do you really think you're going to
    make a lot of money from a site
    about wild bird seed? Probably not.

    Of course, one of my most successful
    students with that program still
    writes to tell me he's making money
    from his site about closets - yes,

    Anyway - not about me - I think
    if you can't afford the $18 per month
    that Amy is asking you need to be
    doing something other than perusing
    forums. You may not make great
    money with what she's offering, but
    if not it's probably more your fault
    than her's.


    PS - If you're really going to piss
    and moan over $18, cause legal
    problems and what not then A)
    expect to die a slow miserable
    death from cancer - you are what
    you are and B) don't ever buy
    anything from me. I'd eat your
    head before I'd work with you.
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    IP check needed on momma4life I think LOL
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      I have been a member for 4 months now going on 5 and it has been a good learning experience for me. It is for beginners and I am that, not to mention horribly techie challenged so Amy helped me to learn WP which I didn't think I would ever do.

      I was with Wealthy Affiliate for 8 weeks at $40 a month and never made a cent and didn't learn how to set up a site of any kind. Then I did the 30 Day Challenge and it was better I could grasp it, it was set up for newbies and was a fun experience, Ed Dale is quite good at IM and teaching it.

      So far the only place I actually made any money though was with the Niche Blogger because it is step by step and I can understand what to do. With no IM or computer skills it's been a big learning curve.

      Some people expect to make a lot of money fast and that's not realistic unless you are an experienced marketer or get lucky. I'm neither, so I see it as it's up to me to make money not Amy she just gives me instruction. I believe you can make the money she says if you just keep at it.

      It will take some people like me longer I'm a slow learner and other people will take off and do great right away. I've seen it both ways it's totally up to the individual how well they do. I take full responsibility for my failures if I have them I don't blame Amy or anyone else.
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      • Hi Sonni,
        Very good review of the Niche Blogger. I love the blogs you've set up too. I'm sure that you'll be sucessfull with this program. I think the step-by-step is great too and being a newbie without much tech skills myself, it's just what I was looking for.
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        I also was with WA for several months. I am only on Month 1 and anxiously awaiting Month 2 with Niche Blogger. It might just be 'me', but I learned more in the week it took me to go through Month 1 at Niche Blogger, because of Amy's step by step video instructions, than I learned in the months I was over at WA.
        I'm going to 'hang in there'...as I think it's about 'persistence'.

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    I have signed up for Niche Blogger as well.

    I work best with a mentoring program. Thanks to all over here for their guidance.


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    I love Niche Blogger. I've been a member for a few months, and my income has indeed increased.

    I was not a new blogger, and had been blogging for 2 years before joining. What I'm thrilled about is that as the course goes on I've learned more about list building, making my own product, blog flipping, and so much more. Amy covers all the bases- with solid content, screen shots, video and posts with good solid details.

    I've spent money all over the web, and I stand behind Amy completely. Never met her in person, didn't know her before starting, but through the last few months have seen her character and commitment. The Niche Blogger is quality...what she showed me early on was that sometimes it's those little details that can make a big difference.

    I jumped to lifetime member early, because I was familiar with the earlier stuff and wanted to move at my own pace. I have never once regretted that decision.

    Cheers, Deb
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      • Profile picture of the author sarasayshi
        I love TNB too. I entered the program knowing nothing about IM or blogging but I knew one thing, I wanted to make money! I actually read Amy's sales page here on the forum. I subscribed back in November 2008 and I haven't regretted it.

        Amy's program is ideal for beginners and for people that do not have too much time on their hands. I am sure even some veteran's could learn a thing or two from her program too.

        Amy makes herself available to her members, answers questions and gives advice when asked. She's top notch!

        I just entered my 5 month, and while I did sort of slack off most of january and february; my blogs continued to earn me money and last month one of my blogs earned 4x's as much as the previous month. I would say her program definitely works but with everything, it is all dependent on the effort you put into it.
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          This is a good program. The only thing that I would add is that after 3-4 months of content, the topic moves away from blogging and into other topics. Also - the site can be a little confusing to nagivate.
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            I keep hearing that this is a good program, but can anyone verify specifically that they have made actual profits using this system? And if so, how much? (You can be general in your answer if you're shy about giving income details.)

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              • Profile picture of the author BillyBee
                Thanks for pointing that out, Tina, you're right.
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    I joined Amy's course because I wanted to see if my members would benefit. She has done a wonderful job assembling tons of materials to get you started. My membership is complementary. I research niches and write the content so you can setup blogs almost instantly. Our memberships address different needs and I have no problem recommending her course. And honestly, it's pretty inexpensive.

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    I was thinking of joining, but I don't know what to do. I bought crap ebooks about blogging and wasted my money there. There's a complaint about nicheblogger on ripoffreport.com, not enough to totally scare me away, but after gettin screwed before I am worried. I'll read more about this membership site.
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    I don't know Amy's program but i do know this: Even with a blueprint in his hands some folks just don't know how to follow guidelines. And they simply fail.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    • Profile picture of the author uncle randy 71
      I too have been on the fence considering Amy's program. Thanks for the good information here. To the original poster, do you have an update you can share with us?
      Need Cash Fast? I will show you How you can make $20 an hour writing articles!
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      I actually joined Amys program to have a look
      around, this would probably be good for a complete
      newbie, but it's a little slow for me and not quite
      what I was looking for so I will be canceling my
      subscription, I have found another one that I
      think is more suited to me, more expensive but in
      my opinion worth it, for a bit more professionalism.

      Just my 2 cents worth...good luck to everyone

      Warm Regards
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        My hubby and I have been members there for quite a while. Our progress has been slow but at our own pace. We were TOTAL beginners to blogging and in the first 1-1/2 months of lessons, have earned about 125 dollars from affiliate sales. Nothing too terribly exciting, but for newbies like us I think a very encouraging start.

        I think it's a great place to get a solid foundation in the basics for both beginning and advanced topics. What I do is go through each daily lesson at the Niche Blogger and then if I want more in-depth info or some other perspectives I supplement that from other trusted mentors; for example, with keywords, I learned what Amy teaches and then I supplemented and expanded on that with info from Pot Pie Girl and Travis Sago.

        One of my favorite things about the Niche Blogger is the forums! I have had to ask so many questions; they have always been answered within a few hours. Not only do my questions get answered, I have met new mentors and friends who have been willing to actually HELP me when I have needed it. I have gotten help making headers for my blogs, I have had people actually go in and take a look at my blogs when I got extra code in there and messed up the format (and they fixed it), and got help installing my blogs when I just couldn't get it right no matter how hard I tried! LOL This kind of mentorship and support I think is invaluable.

        Amy herself too is very attentive and quite involved, which I really appreciate.
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    Originally Posted by Peter "Paul" Williams View Post

    I'm interested in her mentoring program and was hoping for some reviews on it.
    Excellent step by step course aimed at beginners. Highly reccomended
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    I was a member for almost a year..Why, because I forgot to cancel ! Seriously, everything on there is stuff you can find for FREE..she had great marketing tactics but I highly doubt the claims.

    Anyways, might be ok for beginners, but in the end, you will be left with nothing...great community though !
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      I've been with Amy about 5 weeks now, maybe six. The course is good and I would definitely recommend it. I think it's important, though, to study, study, study. There's a LOT to learn and you need to learn it from whoever has the information. I'm not a greenie to computers or writing, so blogging is pretty much up my alley. But, I have not been able to reach a good conversion rate yet. That's not a reflection on Amy. My site and my abilities are just NEW. I started out on the month to month and decided it was moving too slow for me and bought the lifetime.

      I am really disappointed with Adsense. They don't offer me anything unique to my visitors. I only keep it for the analytics. If you go in my niche, the same ads are appearing everywhere. I have picked up some affiliate advertising. I CANNOT BELIEVE Ghiradelli turned me down, though. Some things just don't make sense. But, Amy's course has helped tremendously.
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    Amy's course is good, especially if you are starting out, and I made my first real $1 off of it (outside of Ebay). I'm concerned with continuing building on it though because it seems so dependent on Google traffic, and my whole internet marketing plan is to build passive income.

    Then again, there is a risk with everything so maybe I am overthinking this.

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      decided not to join because with a little homework you can get free info here in this forum

      you just have find or do a search on what topic your looking for
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