Best WordPress software to duplicate or backup?

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Hi, I have tried to look for the best software to purchase to backup my wordpress sites and duplicate the sites for other domains.

I have looked at wptwin, backup Buddy, BlogZapper, and xcloner. What I am hoping is that someone that has knowledge of all of these different softwares or plugins will be able to give insight as to which is the best product to invest in and why it is the best. A review if you will of which is the best.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts before I make the purchase.
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    I personally like Wptwin. It's really simple to use and if you have cpanel then its even easier to move websites to different folders/domains

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    I've used BackupBuddy for a while and had occasion to restore two different sites. Both went without a hitch.

    I've not used it to move a site from one domain to another yet.


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      Does anyone else have experience with these softwares? It amazes me that the prices range form about $37 to $99.

      Still don't know which way to go and what advantages one software has over another. Would love to have a few more people that know these softwares comment on this post.

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      Yeah I agree Wptwin is very easy to use and works extremely fast. Just watch their videos and it is very simple once you get the hang of it.
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    I too am looking for a solid scaleable solution that will work reliably on WPMU or Networked installs of wordpress.
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      Originally Posted by 4morereferrals View Post

      I too am looking for a solid scaleable solution that will work reliably on WPMU or Networked installs of wordpress.
      I completely lost my WHOLE site today because of trying to install the WPMU plugin. Please read the instructions and backup before you use WPMU. Installing was a lot harder then expected and I'm looking for a better solution at the moment.

      (the problem was i could not login my admin even after moving all plugins) After an hour or so i decided to use my backup to replace the defect blog but this didn't work at all. Lucky me it was only a testblog so i deleted everything. (with a fresh install i can get it all back in 30 minutes or so)

      I will check some videos on youtube and choose which cloning tool i will use.
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    wow, this post is getting views but not much in comments. Hopefully someone will see this post and give us all some good professional advice.

    What is the best software to backup and or copy your wordpress blog and install it on other sites or install as a backup?

    Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is BlogZapper for $37. Does quick backups and installs. Easy to use.
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      Obviously I think WP Twin is the best (as I created it).

      Regardless, let me tell you what to look for when creating clones, duplicating or backing up your wordpress blog...

      1. Is it a PLUGIN that does this? -- I would NEVER, EVER recommend anyone use a plugin to backup their wordpress stuff, or to duplicate it. Why? If it REQUIRES you to log into wordpress to perform its functions... well don't you see what's wrong with that?

      2. PRICE should be considered way down the list... if someone is selling a truly awesome software that does backups for something like $37 then they EITHER have no other products to support so they can devote their whole time to it, or they don't do supports and updates that well. We've made at least 26 updates to WP Twin since we launched it. Not because it was buggy, because we just made small, continual improvements to it.

      3. does it TRULY back up EVERYTHING? I mean EVERYTHING? I trust wp twin so competely than when I do demos of it, I will delete a LIVE membership site that currently has tons of paying members... then I will restore it in less than two minutes.

      How many other backup solutions are willing to do that? A lot of backup and/or duplication software doesn't clone everything.

      Some don't get the comments, others the permalink settings, others still don't get the plugins duplicated, etc.

      FINALLY, last I checked WP twin was the only cloner to handle the "database memory" problem.

      Every other solution we tested timed out when backing up a blog that had a lot of information stored in a database (those autoblogging plugins are the worst!).

      The reason ours doesn't time out is because we use ajax as a fail-safe. I won't get into the technical aspects of it, but while others are trying to load the whole thing in one shot, we do it in "small chunks" so there is no timing out.

      We have over 3,000+ satisfied users of Wp Twin. We are the market leader for blog cloning. Plus, which other creators are answering your questions here in the warrior forum?

      Co-creator of WP Twin. Perhaps the most expensive yet most reliable wordress cloning tool on the market. We've definitely been used more successfully than all other options :)

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        I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I have moved or cloned 30+ wordpress installs to date with zero problems.

        My favorite aspect is that I created a template blog, with my theme and all my plugins configured, then created a clone of it. Now I can have a new Wordpress install up, loaded and pre-configured in literally less than 5 minutes. From that point forward, all you need is to add content and do some cosmetic tweaking. I can easily crank out new blogs in an hour, start to finish if I had all my content ready.

        In fact, if I were not so cash poor at the moment, I would zero in on some niches, outsource several hundred unique articles and blast out a couple of dozen sites, and then work on getting traffic to them.

        BTW, I have not used any other similar services so really cannot do a comparison.

        Heck my only complaint is multiple requests to JF's support department to see if I could offer a discount to my customers who purchase a product I am creating...I keep getting 'will get back to you'. Notwithstanding this minor detail, this is a great product and I wish that I had come up with it. :-)
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          WP Twin gets my vote.

          Its dead easy to use and it works.
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              I also agree that WP Twin is a great tool for cloning sites. I've only used it a few times so far but it's quick and easy.

              On another note, if you wanted to copy posts / pages / and the settings for those posts and pages etc. there is a built in export / import function in Wordpress itself.

              Hope this helps.

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    I've just spent the last few days personally testing out as many Wordpress backup solutions as possible.

    I would be interested in any feedback you have on my review.

    Review Of WordPress Backup Solutions | Ultimate Marketing Strategies
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    Check out BlogZapper. Add it to your list. Be interested to see what you think.
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    Seen the videos for 3 of them, twin, zapper, and wp cyteclone,

    Price wise it goes blog zapper, 37 dollars compared to 67 (special) for cyteclone, 97 for twin,

    what I like about wp cyteclone, you can clone the plugins, themes, or everything you like

    blog zapper and wp twin, looks like it has the same set up, except with twin you have to login,

    I like the twin bonus, the sales letter, and if you buy from a lady here you can get wp twin for 77 dollars and the static to wp

    I am still not sure yet

    Also from what this guy said

    he had problems moving from one host to another, (bluehost to hostgator) when using wptwin, I would like to know if I could do that

    Btw Jason, I heard Good things about Craig, never bought any of products, but I know a few of them such as BLE
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    Brought backup buddy 4 days ago, tried 6 times trying to back up the site, FAILED. their support is pretty limited, forum posting and they just keep stating to add WP-CON =True to your wp-config file which makes no difference, very disapointed with backup buddy, 0 success, minimal support. and $150...
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    I have bought WP twin about a month ago (here on the warriorforum) and it works 10x better then expected. This tool is fast, and easy to use. I asked 4 questions about the software and the support was quick and very helpful.
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    WPTwin and WPDollyPro [new comer WP Plugin] have both worked flawlessly. Other solutions mentioned in this post I encountered issues with. Good Luck!
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    I've been using Backup Buddy.

    I really like the automated backing up to my S3 storage (or you can FTP, host on the server etc.) as well as the automated malware scans etc.

    It also works with multisites now, so you can backup/restore a multisite, backup/restore a s single site from a multisite to its own host, etc.

    The restoring/moving of backups doesn't require you to login to Wordpress. You simply upload the provided php file and backup file and it'll do it all for you (including restructuring of links to the new host domain URL if needed)

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    Another vote for WPtwin. Easy to use and price is right. I am using it since last one year and it worth the money.

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    Another alternative, how about duplicator plugin.
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    I cast another vote for WPTwin. As far as I am concerned it doesn't even compare to the others. WPTwin completely clones your site and has a separate add-on if you want automatic backups(clones). If your site gets hacked, just reinstall the latest backup and you're good to go in minutes.

    I too have a favorite theme and plugins that I use all the time. WPTwin saves me from having to do the tweaks and theme adjustments. Just upload the template clone and all I do is add content.

    Worth every penny. Kind of like buying insurance. Choose wisely - some may be cheaper but how well are you covered?
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    Sorry but wptwin don't have scheduling function?

    I must doing start manually? And is possible manage more blog simultaneously with one platform?

    Thanks for advice.
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    WP Twin is absolutely my GO TO backup. It's super easy to use and at this point I don't think I could trust anything else!! seriously!!
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