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Has anybody bought this new program called Maximum Money Blueprints ?
Have any reviews or any testimonials ?

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    First off, I want to make it clear that I'm an affiliate of the product. Now onto the review. You get a set of 7 different money making blueprints. These are strategies and in each one, some show you several ways to monetize each method. So you don't get just 7 ways to make money online. You get many more but it is all focused around these 7 strategies. The 7 blueprints are:

    Blueprint #1: Pay Per-Install (19 pages long )
    Blueprint #2: Article Marketing ( 24 pages long )
    Blueprint #3: Keyword Coup ( 30 pages long )
    Blueprint #4: Blog Empire (36 pages long )
    Blueprint #5: Emergency Cash (26 pages long )
    Blueprint #6: Info Products (31 pages long )
    Blueprint #7: Social Media ( 43 pages long )

    This product is not a silly push button solution. This one requires that you actually do some work. However, it is broken down so that you only have to work on it 30 minutes a day. The strategies and methods described are easy to do and follow. The blueprints are well done and there are good illustrations. Each blueprints is detailed. For each blueprint, you also have a process map. That way if you are implementing one of them, you can simply reference the process map to see what you should be doing. None of these methods is neither new or ground breaking. However, the strategies you learn in it are better than any push button solution that has come out this year. I in fact recommend this product. The price is just $37.

    The first upsell is the ability to purchase resale rights to the product for $67. After you decline that, you get taken to the download area where you can download the product and the bonuses. Also, on the download page there is a link to purchase 5 more additional blueprints. These are more advanced money making blueprints. I did not purchase these so I can't comment on them. However, seeing the quality of the ones I purchased, I believe this upsell is worth picking up.

    I fear that not many people will pick this up because it isn't a push button solution. Maximum Money Blueprints is an excellent product for newbies and those struggling to make money online. A wide range of topics are covered and are in detailed explained and shows you how to monetize them. Like I said, this product requires that you do some work and if you are the lazy type of individual, then this product is not for you. If you are the type of person that likes to work, and you are willing to put in the work, then you will have success with this product. I can vouch for it because I myself do some of the strategies in it and make money online with them. I hope you have found this review useful, I did a more detailed review on my affiliate website for it.

    -Oscar O
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