- Goe A- in im report card. Anyone tried it?

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Anyone had tried ?
Its price is $474 in total (pay $67 first month then $37 for next 11 month)

This is kind of get automatic traffic system (another "push button" program from what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong)

After requested 2 refund request for two push button products last year, I've learnt that, nothing is easy (at least for me).

So, this morning I go to to find a review of other product where I came across this product score at their header (seem, there are promoting this product too).

I've my respect to im report card so far, so I'm very unsure about the review of there, because it seems to good, but I still doubt it, because you know, it's imreportcard (well, all my respected guru last year bashing us with s**t produc, so I'm afraid I'm not trust anyone)

So my question is, had anyone tried this program?
How it's working.

I don't believe the testimoni in the website, but testimonis at imreportcard really caught my eyes.

PS : I tried to find thread discussing about this, but can't find it

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