[Ask] FAST by Armand Morin?

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Anyone have experience with Facebook Ad Secret Training by Armand Morin?

Sounds promising. Add 25000+ LIKE to our facebook fan page within 24hours.

With $197 in price, I still need to think about it...
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    I was checking this out too and was pretty interested until I saw the price! If it is what it promises to be, it looks golden, but I've also heard some questionable things about Armand Morin's products. Anybody have an opinion on this one?
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    I guess that pretty much answers my question, looks like it's overpriced crap. No brave Warriors have bitten the bullet and bought this offer?
    Get access to a FREE 8 Part Video Course with dozens of videos and loads of quality info and ideas on Affiliate Marketing!
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  • Looks interesting. Might buy it.
    Next time you're at a McDonald's Playplace and someone asks you, "Aww which one is yours?" Say, "I haven't picked one out yet..."

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    Did somebody buy it?


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    I think this FAST is an updated version that addresses some changes to FB. The main focus is how to use FB ads to drive traffic using simple "loopholes" FB has overlooked and paid ads. The last version was ok and worth $197.

    I atteneded his free 3 day live workshop virtually over the weekend.He did market alot of his materials, however he also shared alot of useful information for free. Alot of the stuff he taught are sold for hefty sums. He also explained how he read through all FB documentation etc and showed how he did some testing. He demonstrated a live setup. FAST sold for $97 at the workshop.

    I was in the AM Live session last year where he created the Fanpage that now has 150k fans, Yes he did it live and got significant results over the 3 days. I think it was close to 100k fans or something, can't remember now.

    Personally, I kind of like Armand. He's a brilliant marketer.I would say he's more reliable and transparemt than a lot of the other gurus simply because he obviously doesn't make all his money from selling IM products.

    This past AMlive he actually played samples of an album he recorded and is releasing for sale. Just an example of other non-IM income stream he has going.

    If you don't want to buy this, wait for the next AMlive, think it's in Sept. Attend virtually and decide for yourself if he's the kind of guy who's products you want.
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