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I revceive this mail about "another push button software" talking about Profit Bank by Millionaire Society.

Has anybody buy it? The sales page has all the red flags in the book... As Han Solo used to say... "I have a bad feeling about this".
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    I would like to know too.
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    Profit Bank is essentially where they create a review site for you and it is literally PUSH BUTTON. It also continually changes the Top Sites it recommends around however there is nothing unique about the UNIQUE site that they build for you and I wouldn't rely on SEO for getting traffic.

    They also let you insert your Aweber code in it so that you can build a list but TRUST me on this it is going to be hard to get any kind of decent traffic to the site let alone make any kind of money with it!


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    It took me a looong time to figure out that the one thing every one of these offers fails to mention is that NOBODY IS GOING TO VISIT TO YOUR SITE, so all the theoretical this and that is nothing more than marketing hype.

    Beautiful websites, compelling offers, ease of setup, low maintenance ...all for naught. Every one of them.

    I agree that these get rich quick, fast setup, cookie-cutter sites are just a dime a dozen and virtually SEO-proof, to coin an expression, so unless you're willing to buy your way to the top, spending hundreds of dollars or more on tens of thousands of backlinks, NOBODY will ever see your site.. Period!

    AdWords won't work nowadays since Google will suspend your account (I know from experience) because you're pointing to "bridge sites" although you could still get traffic from MSN ads, but that gets expensive, too.

    The social site traffic? Eh, just a bunch of curiosity seekers.

    You gotta be unique, pick your competition and have patience.
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