Free Video capture software for Macs?

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Due to extreme budgetary constraints, I am unable to buy Camtasia, which would be my first choice.

For the Pc there is CamStudio, which is opensource and therefore free.

However, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for Mac users. I have tried using CamStudio on my Windows 7 running under Parallels, but it's far too cripplingly slow, and the presentations are all in the Mac (Apple Keynote).

I tried a couple of others, but they either didn't pick up audio, or are for desktop screen grabs only.

You can use Quicktime, but you can't select a part of the screen, only the whole screen. :confused:

Any Maccies out there who know a solution?

Please don't suggest "buy this or that", as I said, the funds are tight - very tight.
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