LIVE CASE STUDY - Bring The Fresh vs. Extreme Niche Empires vs. Google Sniper 2

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Hello all!

I admit it. I have been absorbed by the huge number of moneymaking methods and tactics out there, and have been pulled in 1000 different directions. What's worse, without even knowing if any of them was good.

But some time ago I decided to put an end to this taking MASSIVE ACTION and I started seeing some results.

As my next action-taking step and, at the same time, as a way to give back to this community by sharing my results with you LIVE, I'll run an experiment.

Here's what I've decided to do:

I'll build three sites, following three different methods, put their results side by side, and see which one performs better.

I've chosen three well known methods, which in the end follow a very similar approach: choose a niche and one or a few related products, select some targetted keywords, and build a site around them to make money selling as an affiliate (there's an additional monetization method in one of them, that I'll mention later in the case study).

These methods are:
  1. Bring the Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long
  2. Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe
  3. Google Sniper 2 by George Brown.
I'll be following the basic training included with the initial payment for each of these methods, not the advanced or upgraded "flavours".

As I build my sites following these methods, I'll be tracking and posting the following magnitudes:
  1. Time spent working on each one
  2. Money spent working on each one (I already have hosting, so I won't compute this cost to any of them).
  3. Position in Google for their main keyword, and maybe some secondary keywords.
  4. Number of visits to the site
  5. Earnings

No, I won't reveal the niche or keywords as part of the case study

Apart of that, I'll also be reporting my progress, detailing any roadblocks I may find, and how I overcome any issues.

Of course, I may not be able to give too much detail sometimes, as it's not my intention to reveal the methods themselves here, I have to protect their creators' IP. I hope you'll understand

I'd like to make it as impartial as possible, so that the results are somewhat comparable, so here are the conditions that will rule my experiment / case study:
  1. I'll use the same niche for the three of them, so that they target the same audience. For instance (I'll use this niche as an example here, but it won't be the real one), they may all target "hard-core gamers".
  2. I'll promote physical products in all cases, so that no difference arises based on the likelyhood of buying / refunding digital vs. physical goods. For instance, I may promote gaming accessories like headsets, keyboards, mouses, etc.
  3. I'll also try to use the same marketplace, likely Amazon, so that differences in the checkout process don't affect results.
  4. So that sites don't compete against each other in google, they'll target different products and keywords. However, I'll try to choose products that serve similar functions and share simlar prices, for the same reason as above.
  5. If the methods allow it, I'll choose keywords that have similar search volume as reported by the Google External Keyword Tool, and similar easiness to rank or competition levels as reported by Market Samurai / Traffic Travis.
  6. I'll try to follow all the methods to the letter; if for some reason I had to deviate from them, I'd explain where and why.
  7. As I have no preference for any of the methods, I'll speak of them and build their sites following an alphabetical order, as I did in the post subject. This does not mean Bring the Fresh is "number one" except for the fact that it starts with a B and the others don't
  8. If I decide to outsource some task for one site, I'll outsource the same or similar tasks for the others, so that the cost and time spent on each are somewhat comparable.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I know the results won't be a scientific proof of any kind. So don't take this case study as the end-all be-all of how each of these methods perform by themselves or as compared to the other two.

Who knows, maybe one works like charm for the niche I choose and Amazon products, but another one would have beat it promoting a digital product from Clickbank and the third would have trashed the others had I chosen a different keyword for its site.

Also, my results may not be comparable to yours if you followed any of them, as we all have different technical, marketing and sales backgrounds.

You know, the only way you'll find to BE SURE how good any method works FOR YOU it's by testing it yourself.

But I hope the experiment yields some interesting results that we can all learn from. At least, I hope I'll achieve some results with all of them just because I'LL TAKE ACTION, and we can at least learn from that.

Next stop: niche / keyword research.

As you see I have a daunting task ahead. Wish me luck!


PS: let me know what you think of this case study, and if you think there's something I may be missing, or something else you'd like me to share with you.

PS2: if you like this experiment, please click the thanks button below!
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