What's the best RSS reader/syndicator? free or othewise

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Anybody have any superlatives for handling RSS feeds?
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    I use Yahoo Pipes and Feedburner powered by Feedburner Feedsmith plugin on Wordpress (all free) and it works great!
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    I use Sharp Reader - sharpreader.net

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    I like yahoo pipes from the perspective of being able to control the output at a more granular level
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    I use NetNewsWire - I bought a license a couple of years ago, but it's free now. It's for Mac, but if you look the same place, there's an equally good product for Windows. I used it before I went to Mac, but I cannot remember the name right now.
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    I think in the final analysis it all comes down to what your intent is
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    I love feedburner
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    Google Reader works for me, and you can use it for so much more than just an RSS Reader.

    I also use Yahoo Pipes sometimes to pre-filter some of the feeds that I bring into GR first.

    Yahoo Pipes is actually an awesome tool, if you don't know what it is or how to use it, you should check it out to get some idea (http://pipes.yahoo.com).

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      I like Google Reader as it's easy to put feeds into different folders. ie ones that I like to read regularly versus ones that I use for research or to track trends in niches.

      @Tim - I'm intrigued about your comment that you can use GR for so much more - I'll check out the thread in your sig.
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    imho kedoya.com is th best
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