Traffic Bandit (Scott Rewick) Review?

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looks like the traffic bandit is launched today. Anyone has a review of it? Not sure if it is some basic media buying stuff. The bandits case studies seem to be something interesting.
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    I'm interested in what people have to say about this as well
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    Here is a short review:

    The $47 product is the front-end, as I expected, you will be facing 3 up-sells after you purchase. 1st upsell is a monthly membership fee for $79/mo, 2nd is an interview collection, 3rd is his master product collection.

    I'm not interested in any upsells unless I'm convinced the front-end is solid so I decided only to buy the front-end, however, when I browse back and forth the upsells, the system charged $97 for one up-sell. It should be a glitch - you might want to watch for it clickbank has such issues.

    So as for the front-end product, its not exactly a system you can implement, rather, its mindset and very general concepts which you pretty much already know.

    It comes with a pdf file and 1 video in the member's area, the other video will be unlocked in 6 days, which is annoying but after I finished the pdf I don't expect any value from the videos so I don't care much.

    His first Mr. K case study is a very outdated information. He is using Flog/Farticle type of advertising, and do media buys to promote **** offers (FTC lawsuit, remember that?). His vertical is Healthy, i.e., **** Berry and Colon Cleansing. We all know this is no longer a valid approach and the niche is under the heavy fire from FTC. So such information is useless and I don't see what kind of value you can gain from it.

    The second case study shows you how reverse engineer other's ads and ad systems, which is of not much value to me either.

    I don't want to bother with the remaining 3 of the case studies as I don't see much value of them either. One was talking about how one guy built free iphone, free ipad type business, which is pretty much a big no-no when you want to run such offers on most ad networks.

    So to wrap it up, I don't see much value of the pdf file, and this should have been given away as a free report. They are not actually teaching stuff.

    I don't have the intention to go over the 1 video left, which is 13 minutes long.

    As for interviews which I accidentally bought, I am not going to bother with 40 minutes interviews, they are all over. Grab a cpa network owner and talk some things and call it a $97 product, its a joke.

    So overall, I am not impressed with his product.
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      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for your review. A few comments back.

      The Mr. K material is very relevant, even today. It takes a short scan on leading networks like Pulse360, AdBlade, and Adsonar to see this style of
      marketing going on today. While not applicable to every product, people
      who want to understand media buying need to understand how the game
      is being played. These styles of landing pages, the ones Mr. K used rather
      prolifically run rampant on ad networks.

      With respect to the second case study, I think you discount the important
      of reverse engineering a bit to casually. With every big marketer I know,
      reverse engineering the "winner" is step 1. If you can't do that, then you'll never make it. Most people fail in media buying because they don't follow time tested steps. Reverse engineering the winner is a major one.

      Vidoes 3, 4, and 5 will shine additional insight into these marketers, and it's too bad you are going to miss them. Finally, we end it with a 2 hour private webinar where I'll be answering additional questions. For $47, what a deal.

      In my opinion, much of the Clickbank world is overrun by false promises and software never designed to work. My point in creating TheTrafficBandit was to highlight 5 people who have "actually made it" and share with you their inside stories. People need examples, not more useless Clickbank garbage.

      Anyway, I've taken your comments to heart, and my team and I are working to make the product even better.


      Scott Rewick
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    So, if you're making the product better, do we get an update for the new release?

    You did a webinar and pitching your product/training for $997 awhile back, how is this $47 compared to your training?
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      Dear ExCoder,

      I'm going through each video and trying to tighten up the messaging and adding new content. I'm trying to take the feedback on this $47 product and give people what they want.

      With respect to the two products ($997 and $47) they are obviously quite a bit different as you would expect. TheTrafficBandit is really about the story of 5 very successful online marketers, telling their stories, in the hopes that the readers can apply some of their techniques to their own businesses. Media-Mentors, without going into too much detail here, is quite a bit more involved and certainly more detailed.

      Hope that answers your question.

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        Guys, I haven't seen Traffic Bandit yet (hey Scott send me a copy).

        But I will say this.

        No one.

        Absolutely no one knows more about paid traffic than Scott.

        I've spent time talking with him and have built a site exactly according to his specifications.

        It's doing 10K a week so far and I haven't even ramped up my spend yet.

        Guys, Scott is the real deal.

        The purpose of Traffic Bandits is to show how fortunes can be made TODAY.

        And the key to understanding Scott is reverse engineering what he shows you.

        Want to make a fortune online today?

        There's only one person I totally recommend today and that's Scott.

        And for the record:

        I purchased his product.

        By mistake, I purchased his product again.

        Scott offered to refund me but I said, this is so good, I'd rather not refund.

        Scott is the Real Deal.



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    I do believe Scott is definitely the real deal, and after being on a webinar with him, his sincerity really came through

    I'm really interested in this product but the only thing that's really holding my back is the offer (as dumb is it sounds - but I have been going through Copywriting stuff all week so I guess I've been looking at sales pages in a different way.)

    What I would like to know is this a step by step blueprint to get into media buying? I'm not a newbie in IM but I haven't really done any media buying and have always been fascinated by it, from what I see of the copy it seems a product more suited for people who are already buying media and looking to pick up tips

    Would love to hear from Scott or someone who purchased the course



    EDIT: I saw mentioned above that the people in the course talk about creating flogs, **** berry etc.. I'm really not interested in getting into that kind of stuff, would this course still be helpful for someone who wants to drive traffic to a squeeze page and then show them an info product OTO etc?
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      I haven't seen his product yet but saw Scott build a multi million dollar internet business first hand. He's the real deal when it comes to traffic and marketing.

      I rarely would endorse anyone in the internet marketing space but Scott is definitely one I would.
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