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Anyone else here finding that the process to sign-up for Ewen Chia's "Perpetual20" program is a bit of a nightmare?

I decided to join this program nearly a week ago. The first step was to establish an Alert Pay account. No biggie. After completing the registration process, adding my my payment methods (i.e. bank acct, credit cards, etc...) they send out 2 micro payments.

Again, no biggie. But for non-Alert Pay members this takes anywhere from 3-5 business days.

Once received, you simply verify your details by confirming the amount of the two micro-deposits, and your account is activated. Great!!!

Only now, I get all excited to be able to pay Ewen by joining his program, and learn...they do not accept credit card payments.

Another ++ in my book, as there are no refunds, and you earn your commissions nearly instantly!!! <---Wonderful news.

So far, I like everything about this set-up!

Accept...after waiting 4 (business) days to finally join, I login to my Perpetual20 account, "click" join...only to learn now, my bank account is not synced to my Alert Pay account in a manner which allows for instant purchases!!! (((WTF?)))

So I call Alert Pay...

How do I pay someone using my bank account and set up a monthly recurring payment to them?

A very friendly Indian Gentlemen then informs me, I cannot!

Instead, I have to physically make a deposit into my Alert Pay account, each time I want to purchase or pay a recurring membership fee.

(Now, if I had boat-loads of money, I'd just securely drop enough to cover the payment for the year, or maybe have them deducted from the money coming in like with PayPal)

This process now takes another undesirable turn...yep; you guessed it: it takes another 3-5 days to complete that deposit transaction, and to see the available balance in Alert Pay.

Now, I don't know about you...but but as a marketer wanting to promote this program, I find it rather difficult to imagine new prospects (without an Alert Pay acct.) maintaining their excitement or desire to join, if every month they have to physically "deposit" their payments, rather than have it on auto-pilot!

Unless, I am mistaken or have just been misinformed by the Alert Pay phone rep, I will need to physically deposit money each month in order for my Perpetual 20 membership payment to be sent to my sponsor. <---Not too cool!

Now, in reverse engineering this process, I have to wonder; "Does that seem like a logical task for my new prospects to endure?"

Because I haven't actually been able to "sign-up" to Perpetual20 due to this limited payment option and process my order, I had to give consideration to those I ask to join.

I mean, email marketing has added a few steps, and we get through that. But to purchase most goods on the internet in today's day and age...if the prospect is ready to purchase...I think the payment process needs to be more responsive to the compulsory shopping habits of the consumer!

Meaning: Instant gratification! After all, isn't that what most people expect these days?

Anyway, I'm not sure if the Alert Pay rep understood my desire to set this payment up on "auto-pay" so my recurring membership fees would be automatically transferred (or deducted from my bank account) or not, but from what I gather...this needs to be done manually each month with a 3-5 day waiting period! (Again, WTF?)

Please if anyone knows about setting up an auto-payment using an Alert Pay Account than this phone rep in India... please advise.

I would love to here your expertise.

Especially, on how I can expect people to endure this grueling task, and still want to join, or remain a loyal member?

Honestly, I think Ewen's Perpetual20 program has great potential, and with his reputation in the biz, I still want to make this work.

The idea that it's a "pain in the ass" to become a member does concern me for my future prospects, and ability to create a solid down-line.

I currently have 3-4 recurring accounts (Aweber for example) and I set it and forget it. If this needs to be done manually each month, that's just un-professional IMO, and I will abandon my desire to join!

Frustrating...to say the least!

Please advise if you are familiar with Alert Pay. At this point, I can't imagine the phone rep being correct?


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    I paid Ewen with my $29.95 through a credit card and it went well.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      I paid Ewen with my $29.95 through a credit card and it went well.
      talfighel;3956296, I remember your post when you were waiting on the micro-payments, as I had just registered my Alert Pay acct that day.

      But when I went direct to Perpetual20[dot]com it stated this person "does not" accept credit cards as a payment method at this time? (Strange)

      Still interested in the program, but now I got to wait for the frigging deposit to clear (another 3-5 days!) I mean c'mon almost 2 weeks later just to join a program, that's bs anyway you slice it!

      You can order a freaking custom mini-site with about the same turn-over time.

      So unless you joined from another source other than Perpetual20[dot]com, I cannot see why it didn't allow me to pay with credit card...heck, there's money on it!

      Waiting on a response from the email ticket I sent to Ewen's support now, curious to see what they say?
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