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Hi everyone,

Registrations about New Brendon Burchard's Total Product blueprint are closed.

Does anybody has some opinion and know the differences with other Brendon's course : Expert academy ? Are they complementary ?

Thanks for any feedback!
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    I didn't get the product but I did get a gazillion emails from gurus promoting it at ALL hours of the day! It was funny some of the tactics they were using to try and "win the contest."
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      Hey there,

      I did purchase this product and so far everything is amazing.

      I don't know what the difference is because I did not buy the other product you mentioned and am only so so familiar with it.

      I can tell you Brendon is a guy who over delivers. Already he's thrown in some freebies that were never mentioned such as an extra ticket to his upcoming event.

      He's a guy I plan on learning from for a long time to come!



      "People will remain the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

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        Thank you Christophe and Fenderkid for your reactivity to share first impressions.

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    To answer the question about Experts Academy and Total Product Blueprint - Experts Academy is really focused on teaching you how to position yourself as an "expert", which is loosely defined for the purposes of the course as someone with knowledge that other people are willing to pay you to share with them.

    Brendon is an energetic guy with a pretty good sense of humour and he's a TOP NOTCH marketer. He is always positioning and selling. In fact he comes right out and says it. Marketing for an expert is "training" or "educating". So while he's teaching you, the very subtle undertones of it are that he's constantly making you believe you're getting great value. Its very effective.

    With that said, Brendon is a great teacher. He effectively gets across a message better than almost anyone else in the industry. In terms of the top tier, $2000+ gurus, he's far and away the best communicator. He also respects his list - I get stuff from him, once or twice per month and I have no recollection of him ever mailing me more than once in a month to promote someone else's products unless it was a follow-up.

    As someone else said, he does try and over-deliver. He is always announcing extra bonuses and freebies to his customers even after the cart closes. For example, with Total Product Blueprint, it was meant to be a six week, 12 module program - during the last day of the launch he did a live webcast and was inundated with questions about the technology he was using and questions of that ilk. So he added two full new modules at the front and back - one on technology around product creation and selling and the last module is about webcasting. That was after the cart closed and won't be re-opening this year.

    He's a very ethical guy as well. His staff respond within 24 hours every time. I bought Experts Academy and was waiting for months for my bonus to come from another well known marketer. I sent his staff a few messages, they always responded promptly. Finally, one of them agreed that 3 months was too long to wait for a bonus and she said she'd contact this guru's office to get an answer. She sent me an update saying I'd have my bonus within 24hrs or she'd escalate it to Brendon to deal with directly. Overnight the email with the bonus came.

    Someone else I know lost their job 40 days after sign-up and therefore two weeks before Christmas - they sent an email asking for a partial refund because of the circumstances and were given a full refund with an email encouraging them to use what they learned in the course to help make sure they were in control of their own financial future in the new year.

    The "gurus" get bashed a fair bit on here, but this guy is a decent human being from what I can tell.

    To answer the second part of the question, Total Product Blueprint is designed to teach you how to create your own products and then market them to earn an income. Each product is broken down into the creation process and then the optimum marketing strategies for that type of product.

    The downside of his training is that he dismisses the technical hurdles that are sometimes involved with information marketing. I have a technical background, so when I hear him say, "that's easy" or "just get someone else to do that" it shows he doesn't know how to do it either. He often says that his courses are about strategy and tactics, not about technical details - which is a bit of cop out, but is also somewhat true. When I pay $2000 for a course, I don't want to waste my time learning how to install Wordpress or whatever. That said, I'm hoping his new intro module on technology for Total Product Blueprint does tell people HOW to outsource these tasks and what to look for so that all of the non-IM people who bought the product don't lose momentum.

    Hope that helps.

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      Hi seankaye,

      It's a total answer blueprint that help.

      Thanks for your time and for listening !


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        Hello fellow warriors.

        Is there anyone that is on this training that would like to share with us how it has been?

        I am a big fan of Brendon's work and I would love to hear about this program.

        Thank you.
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          Brendon's done a great job... He's probably the best "teacher" in IM. His direct to camera work is excellent and his delivery is really good.

          I like the way he's tying the program together through the progression of the course.

          I'll tell you what's a real gem though for newbies - he's got Kenny from Kajabi and James from OptimizePress doing videos for each module showing people how to use their products in that situation.

          When you think about newbs and non-IM niche people the second biggest problem they have is the technology (the biggest problem is traffic). He is going a long way to solving that for them.

          Without sounding like a total fanboi, of all the high ticket guys out there, he's so far and away the best its amazing.

          The next best guy in the IM niche for me is Lee McIntyre, but that's another topic.

          * While I promoted the product and sold some copies, I paid for my own copy of the program. I don't promote anything to my list I haven't bought or tried out myself.

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