What Web Hosting Companies do you use?

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Just curious as to what web hosting sites all you warriors use or recommend? I was looking at Bluehost the other day anyone know if they are any good?
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    I`am use Hosting.24 ... see link below. Best web hosting - it`s my opinion.
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      I have not used Bluehost but I have done a lot of reading and looking around for good hosts and my impression is that they are OK.

      I use and recommend HostMonster first with a few others I have some experience with such as kiosk and Liquid web.

      Main thing is to be clear about your criteria.

      Make a list of what you want from a host then evaluate your list of hosts against that list.

      I am not a "techie" so I insist on 24 hour telephone technical support. That is my main criterion - no whizz bang stuff about xenon servers or whatever concerns me.

      Second I must have Cpanel, not plesk, vdeck or whatever.

      third - everything else (!) like do they have a good affiliate program etc.

      Notice price is not in my list! It has to be what I accept is affordable - that's all

      Yeah go through this one carefully - loads of people rush through this decision and it's important to have a host you are comfortable with.

      BTW there are loads of fairly meaningless claims about 100% uptime and 99.9% uptime around. When you do the math you realise these are not worth a damn. Do your "Due diligence" and go with one you feel comfortable with.

      All The Best

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    Both Thirdsphere and Hostgator, both never let me down

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    I've got more than one account at BlueHost. What I like about them is I can call them and they're very willing to help me out. (I'm a writer, not a tech guy.)
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      Do you really have unlimited server space with Bluehost asbolutelee?
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    I have been using HostGator for a couple of years now. I've never had any downtime and their support is great.
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    Have you tried 1and1 or bluehost - really good - check them out
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      Thanks for the posts all. Will check them all out.
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    I use the Ultimate Marketing Center, it's an all in one solution.

    It's great.
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    Hostgator is very good. I often use 1&1 to register domains, but they do not have cpanel.

    SLHost has good support.

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    Hi all

    I use two different hosting companies.

    NoMonthlyFees.com is good for smaller sites, has cpanel and a number of features.

    A little more expensive (but still very fair) is LunarPages. These guys kick butt. Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth.

    Both sites have Fantastico and cpanel access. If you write PHP and MySQL, they both support that also.
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      I have been a member of Hostgator, Customer support is top notch, very fast response time, right fit for technically challenged people like Me!
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        Thanks very much for all the replies, Will check out these out!
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    The correct hosting package is very important. I use kiosk, i find that there is great support and the tools are easy to navigate and implement
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      I use Hostgator and am totally happy with their service. They have always been extremely helpful, whether it's 3:00 in the afternoon or 1:30 in the morning, through the live chat or via telephone, they've always gone above and beyond in trying to help me whenever I've had a question or a problem.

      I was with 1&1 prior to joining Hostgator, but they did not have cpanel (a must) and their customer service was poor.

      Hope that helps.

      Leron Ford
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    I use hostgator and bluehost - I'm very happy with both
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    I currently have hosting from Leet Host. My budget was tight and figured I would use their service for awhile. Now it seems they are just as good as HostGator but cheaper.
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    As a new member let me say.. Thanks for having me and Hello to All,

    I'm very new at internet marketing but I do know you must take your time

    and review various web hosts throughly for the services you are

    searching for. They vary tremendously, and 24/7 reliable technical support

    is a MUST. Blue Host and Host Gator both have great reviewes.

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    There are lots of good web hosting sites. Google can give you a surprise. There are lots of free and good web hosts.

    Fastcommerce Free Shopping Cart for small business

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    I use hostgator. Good prices and excellent support. Support is 24/7, I even had to call Xmas day and they were there to help. I have never had any down time either.
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    How can anyone endure a web host that do not offer cPanel, Fantastico, MySQL and PHP nowadays? I wish those bigger companies without these features (unavailable even if customer specifically request for them) would go out of business soon! Below are all excellent hosts I have personal experience with, with all the above features included (which is compulsory to have IMHO):

    1) Hostgator - My first choice but slightly expensive
    2) GoDaddy - Affordable (read cheap if compared with hostgator) and reliable but stingy on the MySQL front, they limit the number of databases you could use
    3) AddictiveHosting - one of the smaller US hosting company, been in business for about a year, in my 7 months with them not more than a day downtime at any one time, price comparable with GoDaddy.
    4) ExaBytes - a Malaysian web host company that has since expanded its business to US, fast and resourceful support but I recommend insisting on US server which is much faster

    Hope you find one suitable and affordable for you
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  • I`m actually quite enjoying NameCheap`s hosting service. Affordable, scalable, reliable (no downtime YET), and good customer service. Very nice.

    - Cheryl
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    Seems many people are recommending HostGator. I tend to agree, I have been a customer of theirs for years and they provide competent service.

    One thing: most every host offers "unlimited" features nowadays. This is really a bit unrealistic, and in practise no host can live up to that. What it boils down to is that if you use too much server resources you WILL get shut down.
    No host can allow one customer to compromise the performance of a whole server.
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    Love Hostgator, and their support is excellent. Been using them for a dedicated server, shared hosting accounts, and a reseller account for years.

    They have a new service at seohosting.com that I recently signed on with. Great for IM. Essentially, Hostgator, but which as many unique IP addresses as you want.
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    1and1, godaddy
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    I use godaddy, and have for over a year. I am more than happy with them.
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    I started with streamline.net because they were cheap but I could not install blog as they did not have cpanel and you have to upgrade to .net 2.0 to be able to do that.

    I used godaddy for my next account and they were a lot better with their additional features and ease of use.

    Finally after being referred by so many gurus that I should be using hostgator for my hosting I got my latest site with hostgator and they are really excellent and come with loads of features.

    I do recommend using hostgator.

    As for bluehost and others as I have not used those services I cannot give any suggestions.

    Kind regards
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    Any advise on where to lead a absolute newbie that has no tech skills but wants to learn

    to market their business. Who's the best on teaching their customers how to learn to use

    their service with simplicity?

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    Another pitch for Hostgator. I am hosting a large number of sites. I want them on different hosts. I have been trying out hosts other than Hostgator and I have to say, HG reigns supreme. 24 hour support, instant access to your account after you pay, the best support forum around... They've really spoiled me for the others.

    I would be a bit careful about Bluehost. Check Webhostingtalk for reviews.
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    A hosting provider I would recommend is ixhosting or webhostingpad. Those are the two that I did my research on the service they provide are great. A remarkable hosting service that delivers quality for their outstanding reputation. I use webhostingpad, although ixhosting is great. I hope this helps for choosing your hosting package.
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    I recommend Blue Host and Go Daddy.I have been using both but not for long though.For whatever time i have been using these i m satisfied.
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    I have been using 1and1.com for years. I like them becasue they have 24 hours PHONE support and that is what I want when my business depends on it.
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    Also forgot to say, that I use there Developers Account which allows me to build unlimited websites. Normally have anywhere from 120 - 150 websites at any given time. Total cost is $24.95 a month. Probally even cheaper now.
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      I have a Hostgator account and it is awesome. The support they give you is second to none.
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    I use:
    HostMonster - for testing out scripts
    HostGator - Reseller plan
    KnownHost - VPS...these guys are awesome
    ThePlanet - for Dedicated servers, you can't go wrong...they are pricey but you get what you pay for.
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