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I am thinking to start using unique article wizard again after almost 6 months or so. BUT, before that I would like to know, what's the current situation of this system. Is it good? Can you share your thoughts about how it works out for you these days? I keep getting their emails about what they and their customers are achieving...So is everything good right now? And would you like to suggest any alternative for it...?

I tried AMR as trial but it's little time consuming for me...

Waiting for some fresh reviews on uaw from warriors.
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    I did a review on my blog, along with a free report on maximizing it: Making Money Online

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    I use it - I routinely get 350 - 400 articles sent out and heaps of backlinks.

    The problem is their turn around time. They used to say that articles were approved within 24 hours, now it 24-72 hours and often times at 96 hours I'm sending them tickets. I just complained that 2 of my last 3 articles have required four plus days to get approval. They always seem back logged and swamped.

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    when you first sign up your articles go in right away them after a few submits the lag kicks in also seems to have less blogs then before when I check how many links will I get from submission
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    I used to have blogs in UAW and SEOLinkvine but I got tired of sifting through the poorly spun crap. Well written articles were hard to come by and when they did you'd see them time and time again. In the end I pulled my blogs out. When you've got a lot of blogs receiving tons of articles that you have to manually check (and you have to if you want a decent site) it takes so long to trawl through it all every day.

    I've now joined an article creation service which provides me with spun articles every day. I also get plr spun to a high standard now for peanuts money wise. I load them in Bloghatter Pro and have it schedule them on to my blog for months ahead.

    It takes very little time and money and the content quality is better than I'd get from UAW and SEOLV.

    These services are in a bit of a catch 22 situation. Quality blogs won't sign up because the content writers are churning out crap and good content writers don't sign up because there's no quality blogs to get links from.

    You end up with a network of low ranking, low pr blogs full of poorly spun content.

    Of course things may have improved since I was last involved!
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    Have read, it has gone slow these days and you don't get as many backlinks as you used to get some months back...True?
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      UAW is nowhere near as good as what it uses to be. Less sites in their system and, of the sites left, there are lots of crappy ones. I find that your articles now also seem to mainly get submitted to same batch of sites regardless of what categories and keywords you use.

      Still, it has some use to it. It does still work. Whether it's worth you spending money on it again depends on how many articles you'll be submitting each month. If you submit 50+ articles then the cost works out to a $1 or so each, which is about fair. If you don't plan to submit a lot of articles, then it's not worth spending $67 a month on.
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    AMR is time consuming?? Not if you do it right! Once you've put your account info in, just let it sign up and then let it go check for emails. Once you've done that you can submit. Faster than UAW. I hated that service. now I can spin my articles with SpinChimp (or not if I don't want to) and let her rip. Best money I've spent next to Market Samurai.
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    I am considering to sign up for either UAW or MyArticleNetwork. Any recommendation?
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