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I recently ordered Dan Kennedy's book "No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs". Haven't received it yet.

My question----if you get this book, why would you need the $400 course that he sells on his website? What is in the $400 course that is not in the book?

If you have the $400 course, what is your opinion?
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    I have both.

    The book is fantastic - my favorite book all time by Dan Kennedy.

    The audios of the seminar cover pretty much the same stuff, just much more indepth and with a lot more examples.

    I don't think you need both. You need the book if you haven't accumulated a lot of wealth yet. Then once you have accumulated some decent wealth, I think it would be smart to get the audio program - because it just goes much more indepth.

    But overall the core content covered is pretty much the same, in terms of general points. What I find amazing is that Dan is able to get thousands of dollars for the same content "re-purposed" into a $10 book.

    I actually think he did the seminar first, then wrote the book as kind of a "cliff notes" later, but don't know for sure.

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      Thanks for the info.

      I am watching Russell Brunson's "Dot com secrets" dvd program, and he said the hardest thing to do is write a book. So he has somebody make a transcript out of the seminars and make that into a book.
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        Dan Kennedy is the walking definition of overdelivery machine.
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          Originally Posted by rts2271 View Post

          Dan Kennedy is the walking definition of overdelivery machine.
          That's funny.

          Even though I think Dan Kennedy has some excellent material, I have wondered if there isn't a lot of overlap between his myriad programs.

          That reminds me of Albert Ellis, a brilliant psychologist. He wrote a lot of books, but they seemed fairly repetitive. If you bought a few of them, you might not need all the rest.

          Of course, NOBODY is more repetitive than the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" folks. They must have 500 titles in that series.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Fladlien View Post

      I actually think he did the seminar first, then wrote the book as kind of a "cliff notes" later, but don't know for sure.

      I went to the seminar last summer, which Dan held in a suburb of Cleveland over a Saturday and Sunday. A friend of mine had two tickets. Dan offered the seminar free to people on his list who were willing to purchase a certain number of copies of the Wealth book - I believe it was 30 books.

      A friend of mine bought the books to use as a give-away to his list, and he had the books in hand about a week before the seminar.

      Interestingly the seminar was not a pitchfest. Other than a short 30 minute presentation by Bill Glazer, Dan was the only speaker.

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    Dan Kennedy has taught me so much over the years so I can guarantee that pretty much anything he puts out is going to be good and that you are going to get more than your money's worth.


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    Love Dan Kennedy. About 60 days after reading the book being discussed, I pulled in $2k extra within a month. While it hasn't been a guaranteed $2k/month after, things have definitely increased in terms of my business' bottom line.

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