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Does anybody else have both these products? I just started going through The Sneaky System (by The Rich Jerk) and it's extremely similar to InfoProductKiller. The strategies in The Sneaky System for finding the product to promote, keyword research, choosing a domain name, structuring the site, and SEO are almost exactly the same as the information found in InfoProductKiller. I've only seen part 1 of what's apparently a 2 part course, but here's a comparison of both the courses.

Price: The price for The Sneaky System is initially $9.95 for part 1, then $97 after 7 days for the 2nd part ($106.95 total). The full price for InfoProductKiller is a whopping $0.05 higher at $107. The Sneaky System is better in terms of price if you were just going to get part 1 and stop there, but InfoProductKiller would be cheaper if you intend to get the full course if you can find a discount code (there was one as a WSO a while back).

Content: InfoProductKiller seems to have more content, since it includes pretty much all the information in part 1 of The Sneaky System and has information on how to profit from Christmas shopping on top of that. It also has a section on how to make images using both GIMP and Photoshop whereas The Sneaky System shows how to make a very basic image using paint and tells you to outsource it instead.

Clarity: The Sneaky System is better organized than InfoProductKiller and takes everybody through the process one step at a time. InfoProductKiller on the other hand, keeps referring to sections that you may not have gone through yet, which is a bit annoying. InfoProductKiller does a better job at showing real examples though, which makes it easier to understand what the course wants you to do. The Sneaky System is mostly reading from different slides.

Conclusion: When reviewing both products side by side, The Sneaky System seems like a cheap ripoff of InfoProductKiller. Not only did the course come out after InfoProductKiller did, but it also doesn't offer any new information. I've seen nothing in The Sneaky System that suggests that the information has ever even been applied successfully by the creator of the course other than the one screenshot on the sales page.
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    yeah I have both of these products. I think they are both good. Rich jerk makes it easy to understand and is very organized. Info product killer is good also but when it comes to the secret sauce part I think rich jerk does better.

    They explain it in more details and they provide mind maps which makes it easier to set up a system of mini sites.

    That's just what I think maybe someone thinks different.
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    I have bought the IPK in nov. and didn't had time to setup alot of sites. I have manage to build only 1 site and have not made money with it yet. I am planning to setup more. You can get the IPK for $79 if you use the promocode given on on Frank Haywood blog. IPK | Frank Haywood
    You can see how Frank is doing with his IPK sites and he also started a ipk forum.
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      Thanks for the link refon - I bought into IPK in November and always like to see how other people are using the methodologies
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    Hey Jason

    Thanks for your review of the 2 products. I was looking into these and was wondering what the main differences are. Your post is very helpful.
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      Hah, i like the scare tactics on the Sneaky System sales page: "
      "There Are Only 8 Spots Left In
      Tranbjerg, Arhus"

      Lol i don't live anywhere near that place stupid script.
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        Originally Posted by niceweb View Post

        Hah, i like the scare tactics on the Sneaky System sales page: "
        "There Are Only 8 Spots Left In
        Tranbjerg, Arhus"

        Lol i don't live anywhere near that place stupid script.
        For me it came up with Bedfordshire lol
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    I purchased the Sneaky System and am wondering - is there any need to also get IPK? Can someone who owns both comment?

    Cheers, Rich
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