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I just learned about Evernote and downloaded it. It really helps to organize little notes that you have for projects you are doing.

If you want to stay focused, record your thoughts, and organize things, then please try out Evernote which can be found at Evernote.com (not my product not an affiliate link).

I have found that this has helped me to organize my thoughts for my projects.
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    I couldn't agree more. I recently discovered Evernote and I am finding it so useful for keeping notes and especially for keeping them available to use from different computers.
    A brilliant program and free too. Amazing value.
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      Just started using this a few months ago. Love it. Syncs with an Android or iPhone, which is really useful.
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    I use it on a totally different level.

    It has superior handwriting and OCR recognition. So I photograph all my business receipts with my cellphone and tag them by year. Then I throw them away. This makes them fully searchable since the OCR picks up the item, date, store, etc.

    I also use it to store recipes, code snippets and ofcourse, notes.

    There's also a PC app that can take screenshots.

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    I use it to organize the notes I take from any marketing course I purchase.

    Makes it super easy to search for a concept, or strategy, when I need to implement it.

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      Yes evernote is great - been using it for a couple of years.

      But can anyone tell me why I should upgrade to Pro? I genuinely can't see a reason to....i never get anywhere near the monthly limits.

      And it is great that it syncs with the iphone so easily so I can make notes and write quite full documents and then copy it into Word etc if I need to.

      The other great app is dropbox as i'm sure everyone knows and these two together make your office very portable.



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      Originally Posted by Dexx View Post

      I use it to organize the notes I take from any marketing course I purchase.

      Makes it super easy to search for a concept, or strategy, when I need to implement it.


      I like that idea. Also love the way you can link it up to the iPhone to take photos and add those to evernote too.
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    I upgraded to Pro mostly because of the backup feature.

    Could you imagine accidentally deleting a notebook etc.? All those notes within it would be gone for good.

    Since I've seen crazier things happen--and because I have hours and hours of notes stored in Evernote--I figured $5/mo was more than worth it as a "just in case."

    Plus added features like being able to search easier etc.

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    Started using it a few weeks ago - just in time for my mother to break her ankle - so I am now working out of my 'satellite' office in FL where she lives (I live in Cincinnati) and will probably be here for 6 weeks or so.

    Evernotes is amazing - you can also set it to mail docs from your own email address, and as mentioned - the back-up feature is worth the $5!

    I have it synced between my desktop at home, my droid phone and my ipad - it rocks ;-)

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