Viral URL - Have You Used It?

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Hey all,

just wondered if any of you have used or are still using viral url? If so what are your thoughts and is it worth pursuing to help build a list?

Cheers Rob
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    Dumb question...

    Could you define what you mean by a viral url?

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    Are you talking about something like estago for twitter? Not quite sure waht you mean dude.
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    Is Viral URL a program or a service of some sort? Please elaborate.
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    Waste of time.
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    Originally Posted by Rob Bright View Post

    Hey all,

    just wondered if any of you have used or are still using viral url? If so what are your thoughts and is it worth pursuing to help build a list?

    Cheers Rob
    yes viral url is very effective....i think its the best list builder that
    is out there. I have 3 accounts with them. Using viral url as brought
    be leads and sales.

    you won't see tons of leads with every email you send out but
    if you have 2 or 3 accounts, good ads, consistent and persistent. You
    will see good results.

    hope that helps
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      Originally Posted by anthony2 View Post

      I have 3 accounts with them.
      Dont let them find out...

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    Just to clarify, I think Rob is talking about the site viralurl dot com. Which is a link cloaking/shortening membership site which runs ads on a toolbar that loads on the pages you cloak.

    You can upgrade your membership and buy ads in the toolbar and they have a system mailer where you can mail 3000 members every 3 days or something depending on your membership level.

    I used it when I first got started online and was promoting MLM type programs like GDI. However it has been about 2 years since I used it last. I did build a mailing list of about 300 people over the course of a 8 or 9 months using the system mailer. And also received about 50 sign-ups in various programs, also made 3 (Clickbank sales).

    I stopped using it because I stopped promoting MLM/network marketing offers. Both the people on the list I built, and on the system mailer were not very responsive to more general internet marketing stuff I wanted to promote.

    I personally wouldn't use it now for what I am doing, but if I were promoting network marketing type programs I would use it.
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    I've never even heard of this thing before, but it doesn't really sound like a great way to make money. Maybe I'm wrong, though.
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    @Rob: I do use it, but I am bias... I am one of the co-founders of So, I can't tell you how great I think it is as I am sure it won't help you make up your mind. But if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

    @prophetmktg: See Let me google that for you

    @anthony2: Thanks.

    @MattCo: I works best for any Internet Marketing or MLM related offer. Of course the more people promote the exact same product... the less effective it becomes. The "experts" use it anyway to drive traffic to their personal squeeze pages to build their personal lists (hint, hint).

    @GarrieWilson: We don't really mind multiple accounts as long as people don't cheat their referrer for their commissions.

    @JamesGw: Again, disclaimer... I might be bias, but I believe it is. a) as a tool to make more money with your own products or affiliate products (best of course as said to build your own mailing list and basically, legally steal our members, and b) well... our top affiliates earned way over $30k in commissions just from promoting ViralURL itself... so, I thing it is a great way to make more money.

    Anyway... enough said. Let me know if you got any specific questions.
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    Hey Everyone,

    Yes I use ViralURL every day for the cloaker when I share links using the FireFox plugin, it is as fast as clicking copy/paste, but gives me stats, earns me credits and gives me a chance of making more referrals

    I am also one of the founders of the site and do a lot of consulting work and help on it these days. I use it in Traffic Zipper and made a video recently to show its effectiveness in building a list Vs other mailers:


    NOTE - I used this as a normal member, mailing through the system as an Elite member, hope this helps but would also love to hear from other warriors. The trick is to use a nice squeeze page and vary your subject lines. Don't just mail offers out and expect sales, use it to build a list, then build the relationship with your list before asking for a sale

    I Blog about How To Make Money Online - It is my own experiences over the last 8 years, building some 7 figure businesses

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