Who Knows of Some Good Video Making Software Or Video Course?

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Hey Warriors,

I see we all have something to do on this Saturday night. (NOT!)

Anyway,, I'm wanting to get started in the video craze because I personally would rather watch a video and get info that way rather than read it. I'm a "see how it's done" kinda guy and I think it's a good way for newbies to get a better grasp on how to do things.

Yes, I know of Camtasia ($$$bucks), Jing (Free, but only 5 min), and maybe a few others but, I wanna see if my fellow Warriors know of really great products, software, or video courses that are easy and cost effective. Ya know,, cheap. So far, Camtasia is at the top of my list but, let's see what you Warriors can come up with. I aways come here to ask my people before I make any purchase. If any newbies are reading this, I suggest you do the same.

So,, Warriors,, whatdya got for me?

Robert X
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    Sony Vegas 8 on Ebay ($30 bucks)....my favorite.

    Window Movie Maker (Free)

    Camtasia (You mentioned)

    Jing Project

    Animoto has monthly fee

    Do a webinar and record it.

    Do a Ustream.tv and it records automatically and has a direct link upload to Youtube.

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      15 minute Video's Free

      60 minute Video's are $12 year


      Free Pro software - Windows only

      Snapper Screen Recorder

      Windows and Apple - Cheap
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      In a crunch, you can use powerpoint, convert it to video and add your own voiceover and boom, done and done. There are literally hundreds of cheap video editors out there. If its a long term tool you plan on using for years to come, I would just breakdown the cost by the number of months you plan on using the product to really see the cost justification. A $300 software with a 4 year life span of usage (and lets admit it, you'll probably use it for more than that) will cost you approximately $8.33 a month. Assuming your monthly earnings from videos and other marketing efforts will far exceed that over 3 years time, it makes it a cheap and good investment.

      Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.


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    Follow Lon Naylor on You Tube and check out LearnCamtasia.com where he teaches how to use Camtasia to do all kinds of videos. Full disclosure: Lon is a partner of mine in a new project ScreencastStudios.com where we will have tutorials, graphics, royalty free music and other stuff to help make great videos. As of this post, we're still working on it but we do have a few offerings.
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    i like animoto because of its huge list of royalty free music plus all the cool video effects.
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    I second Animoto.

    If you want to do more of a powerpoint+your voice kinda thing, you can try Camstudio. It's free!
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    I like sony vegas. I use a vado HD camera for videos and voice overs.
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    Robert, I'll be posting two WSO's next week about creating and working with video. You can look for them. They are full training on how to create and edit video for sizzling effect.

    Personally, I use Camtasia for small projects and Sony Vegas for something more substantial. For recording I use either Goto Meeting or Powerpoint or Kodak Zi8.
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      What exactly will you be using the videos for?
      • Driving traffic to your own sites?
      • Driving traffic to others sites?
      • Selling them to others?
      Answer that question and it will give us a better idea of what you really need.

      Here's why:

      If you need basic traffic magnet videos, then you have a few cost effective solutions:
      • Use Windows Movie Maker - Free
      • Use PowerPoint and a PPT 2 Video converter
      • Or buy them already done for you from the guys at VideoMarketingVideo.net
      If you're making them to sell to others, like training videos, etc. then Camtasia would be a great resource. Also, Animoto is another great resource for videos, but you'll need to pay $499 for the reseller license. I think Camtasia is cheaper.

      CamStudio is also another low cost to free option to utilize. I don't use it, but I've heard good things.

      If you're looking for a video creation suite, then check out the AVS tools. You get the entire suite for less than $100. Their video editor is great! They also have a converter that will convert any video format into another format for you. I use it all the time and I love it.

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    I use Proshow producer, excellent software.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I was getting ready to buy the $39 a month animoto plan, and came to a promo code field.

    So I thought, why not ask if any Warriors have a discount promo code for it. So, does anyone have it, or know where to get it? Thanks in advance.
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    I like flixtime for animoto style videos and screencast-o-matic for camtasia style videos.

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    If you wanted to branch into video marketing, I would highly suggest you look into a product called Easy Video Blueprint. The course shows everything you need to know about getting your videos to rank high as well as distributing them across many areas for massive exposure.

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