Can anyone recommend Paul Lynch material?

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Can anyone recommend (or not) Paul Lynch and his material?

He has just released a new product but I have not heard of him before so am a little cautious about buying his product. It's called Visitorsdotcom

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    I was looking to find an answer for this as well.
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    Overall, I think it is well-worth the price. If you are looking for ways to get more traffic, grow your list, this course is for you. Paul reveals several ways to get cheap traffic.

    - He tells you how to research for secret keywords without using Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends. This one is hot.
    - Youtube Tsunami. You don't need to create or upload videos. Paul gives a software (upsell) to find videos with lots of views and then contact the video owners to put ads in the video, and your website link in the description at very low one time payment.
    - Google Adwords 1 cent per click tactics.
    - CPA email buys.
    - SEO Ninja style.
    - Facebook marketing ninja style - how to grow big list with FB, by using special software. Your visitors don't need to fill name and email. They will be automatically added into your list by clicking the "connect with Facebook" button.
    - SEO Link Magnet.
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    Originally Posted by gforces View Post


    Can anyone recommend (or not) Paul Lynch and his material?

    He has just released a new product but I have not heard of him before so am a little cautious about buying his product. It's called Visitorsdotcom

    I don't know about visitorsdotcom but at one point in time, he did open up his private forum for people and basically gave a stripped down version of one his products with live training. Some people made money, some did not. I was one of those who didn't but on the flip side, I had a site that was just sitting there and I made $30 from that out of the blue. So... I guess it's one of those hit and miss things? To be honest, you only really need one product that will show you the inner workings - the theory, so to speak, of Internet Marketing itself. The rest you kinda have to come up with methods yourself. It's much too difficult to copy people after they've pretty much exhausted their method.

    Think about it... if you have some really useful trick and you're making tons of money, would you share that trick with people right away? Probably not. You'd make as much as you can and when things start to slow down, you capitalize on it by creating a tutorial to sell the trick/technique. At least that's what I would do...

    Also, the really top marketers come up with their own methods - they rarely copy other people. These guys come up with their own tricks and techniques.
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      Ok I bought Paul Lynch's visitor dot Com after watching a presell video about MSN ad center. This talked about a software app which speeds up the process of setting up ad campaigns.

      However when I bought the product the ad center software turned out to be an up sell to the main product @ $97 a month for 2 months.
      Disappointed but not totally p*ssed I pressed on to check out the main product:

      The you tube traffic module turns out to be a video with another $97 up sell to their youtube software, so I can't tell you about that...

      The facebook traffic module consists of an affiliate link to Mark Anastasis' Facebook clickbank product, just in case you need a primer on Facebook pages, which is for sale for $37 dollars plus another facebook app. recommendation for another $37.

      The app. incidentally does look good but totally academic by this point.

      Next the 1 Cent clicks on adwords module, this is very similar to a recent WSO which I won't mention here, except that this video instruction makes no reference to what type of landing page to use, whether to direct link, use an blog or whatever, which to me is the most important part of getting an Adwords campaign accepted.

      I still have a couple of modules to view yet but I am not exactly holding my breath.

      I think that once you buy a product and you are on the "inside" the lessons should stand on their own merit and not be attached to essential upsells that were already declined during the buying process.

      If you are sick of the this space!
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