Does anyone know David Anderson's products?

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I've had a direct mailing in my post today...

Has anyone heard of UK-based product-developer David Anderson, maybe even signed up with him, or been successful with his methods?

I believe he's a protege of Andrew Reynolds or Tim Lowe, the direct mail guys who market their online business ideas.

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    Hi I have also got a few mails from him but not tried anything. Interesting to know if somebody has used his stuff.
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      I've had a mailing from him recently too.

      My Girlfriends Blog:
      Trying To Convince Her To Market It, For More Eyeballs..

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        I don't have personal experience of DA's products or services but a web client of mine and her partner did and having paid a mid four figure sum (pounds sterling) for his product, they were left very disillusioned and disappointed.

        As part of the package, DA allegedly promised to JV with them to promote their product (a massive piece of work and very good product, incidentally, and in a hot market) which they sent to him in Word (!) but they failed to get a response from him, despite repeated emails. Months later, both were forced to return to regular employment having maxed out their credit cards and unable to spend time promoting their websites for the same product which has since been removed from Clickbank.

        I felt so sorry for them that I subsequently waived my fees for technical work carried out for them on a site I put up for them with their graphics and content. Neither knew, even after laying out as much as $18,000 to DA and another well-known guru collectively, how to create a pdf with their ebook, set up a Clickbank vendor account or place pay buttons on their sites or set up an autoresponder system for their emails.

        Personally, I always go to the fountain head for learning "how to" do things, meaning that if someone has been taught by another expert and has succeeded, I go to the person who taught him/her. In that way, I avoid disappointment.

        I bought Andrew Reynolds products but I've been a member of Bill Myer's site for years since Bill taught Andrew what he knows.

        I've been happy with both these experts' products and services.
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