please suggest any best web hosting.

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hello friends, i want to make a website. so please suggest me any good webhosting, which is also best for SEO purpose also.

what about ipage is best for hosting sites???

please reply soon.

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    When it comes to SEO the hosting provider you select won't have any affect on your SEO. How well your site is optimized and having all of your important tags keyword rich will affect that.

    But as far as hosting service I've had a good experience with Siteground Hosting for a few years. In the past year I switched my sites to InMotion Hosting. They are a bit more expensive but their VPS has been really solid and I've been happy with their tech support.
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    hmm, thnx for you suggestion.

    what about

    is there any one who uses this hosting company for long time?
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    I use Hostgator, find them very good value and excellent customer service

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    If you "search" hosting on WF then you will find a ton of threads about hosting. It seems like most people use hostgator but I use Blue Host and have not had a problem yet. Blue Host's support is also very good.
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    I personally and along with over 2700 students use IX Webhosting. They are not as known as Hostgator, but has 24/7 support and we have yet to see any major downtime for the last 3 years straight. They are also very fast. faster than 70% of all internet web sites online which Is a ranking factor in my opinion.

    I wouldn't know about the speed of Hostgator, although I suspect, more customers=slower speed...Someone may want to comment on Hostgator speed if they measured it accordingly of course.

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    Hostgator here - loooove their 24/7 customer support!
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      I am crazy about hostgator and most cpanel based hosting services.

      I have tried many others and have serviced customers who have used others - including hsphere interfaces, plesk interfaces and more. I have also provided technical support on this other systems. CPanel wins because most tutorials and instructions assume that you use Cpanel.

      Take the path of least resistance and go with Hostgator or another cPanel hosting service.
      As others have stated : you can't go wrong for the price or the 24 hour service.
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    Originally Posted by zubair56 View Post

    hello friends, i want to make a website. so please suggest me any good webhosting, which is also best for SEO purpose also.

    what about ipage is best for hosting sites???

    please reply soon.

    I recommend using a shared web hosting company that uses cPanel for the control panel, e.g. hostgator, hostmonster, etc... iPage doesn't use cPanel they use vDeck. It really is a matter of preference but I think most webmasters prefer cPanel.
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    Stablehost - been with them a year and they are by far the best host I've ever had.
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    I had recently switched to HostTheName. The support is top notch, the loading speed is blazing fast and the price is unbelievable cheap! Look around in the WSO section, they are still running a promotion. You will not regret it.

    James Tan

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    We find in hosting- it's all about what you need in support and services.

    For starter- hostgator is probably the best, as the 24/7 support is always nice to have when your caught up.

    I also really like hostnine as they are cheap and the servers have never given us an issue before!
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      Hey Zubair,

      I think you will find most IM'ers are using Hostgator...and there is usually a good reason for that.

      They have top notch customer support and they are relatively cheap.

      But, go with one that you feel comfortable with. If Ipage looks good to you then go for it, you can always change later.

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        One company I can advise you to stay away from is Niche Simple run now by Willie Crawford.

        Appalling up-time, beset by problems and the operational requirements to run a hosting platform are apparently beyond their skill levels. Willie made a big thing of coming on here to state how he was hands on managing the way through problems that beset them as he took over the company. Ha.... a week ago they decided to change hosting platform - result - everything off line. Even their support site is out and not a sight of Willie and his hands on solutions. No email updates, nothing.

        Stay away from this one regardless of the price it is offered at.

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    thnx to all friends for giving your helpfull suggestions. i finally selected

    thanks to all again
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    hostthename was introduced here by a fellow warrior I'm using their service and it's very good
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    For me, Bluehost is first, then Hostgator.

    BH gives you a free domain for a start: then they have a better WordPress intall if you are using that. They offer Simple Scripts.

    HG is good too - but for your first hosting, I'd go for BH.

    Me - I have 3 of each. I have found their support is great in each case.


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    For my Magento ecommerce store I use AsiprationHosting. They have a shared hosting plan starting at $4.99.

    They have a ticket system and 24/7 chat service.

    I've never had any downtime since using them and am extremely happy with their service.

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      I use hostgator as well, great support, and great affiliate hosting program.
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  • My partner and i had our site hosted by hostgator, it's seven months and everything has been going just fine.
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    StableHost have not disappointed me so far, providing me with very good value and excellent customer service
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