Hosgator report Can anyone explain this report

by Kom
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here is my report
I would like to know the meaning of this report

I get litle bit confuse here my report on this month before the end of this month please explain on june
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    when you click and see my report like this, what do you think

    Give me explanation for this report, I just litle confuse here

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    Now I am look stupid ask this question to you, like i said i am confuse now, need some help

    If this report hosgator for real or jut make me happy
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    which one I should more attention

    Unique visitor or number of visit

    please help
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  • Hi Kom, here is a simple explanation about your Hostgator screenshot:

    Unique Visitors
    This is the number of people coming from a different IP number.

    Number of Visitors
    This is the number of total visitors, including people coming back to your site for more than one time.

    This is the number of site pages read by all your site vistors.
    If I go to your site, and I read 12 pages, my visit will count as a +12 on this value.

    Each file sent to a browser by a web server it is an individual hit.

    This is generally the amount of data that Hostgator carried for your site, call it traffic if you want.

    If you have a Hostgator plan, you are ok with Hits and Bandwith, which are unlimited.
    I hope to be enough clear.

    Thanks and see you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni
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    Thank you for the answer
    so i have to work more for unique visitor
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