Here's a cool little graphics tool with many uses...

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I just found this in another forum and instantly thought of how useful it could be to everyone here in this forum. So I wanted to share!

The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator - Create your own fun newspaper

It allows you to make graphics that look like a newspaper clipping like this:

You can edit the newspaper title, the date and the body text.

I think it's pretty cool!
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    How do you see this being used? For sales copy?

    I wonder how effective this would be if used directly as a headline. The sub-head would then be the body copy. It would be great if you could test some uses before your WSO.
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      Yeah, my first thought was it was just an easy way to make a newspaper graphic for sales pages, newsletters, blog posts, etc.

      Just to be clear, I have no affiliation whatsoever with this. I just thought it was something cool.
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    Mike that is very clever...its does a nice job. There's actually a lot of uses for something like could create one called, "Testimonial Express" and then arrange your testimonials in the body copy and then use the image on your sales page, for instance.

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      Pretty cool. I am not so sure about the talking tomatoes. Although in many markets, not so living on the edge as IM, many of the sties have fairly dated graphics and something like that might work.

      Nice find, thank you.

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    Very very nice! Created and used some kinda banner with lil' ninja.
    Really very handy for me, thanks Mike.
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    Hey this is really cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    I could definitely find some uses for this tool. Thanks.
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      Well it looks real to me. It has enormous applications especially in graphics design. Creativity has its workaround though.
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        Here's a site with hundreds of other "generators" (short software scripts that generate some final product on the fly).

        The Generator Blog


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