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What is the best free Wordpress theme to use for an affiliate site? This site is for children's toys, but I would like a theme that I can re-use for any niche... A theme that converts well.

Thanks in advance!
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    For free themes, your best bet is going here to search for available themes: WordPress › Free WordPress Themes

    Google search is also a good channel for finding free themes: wordpress themes free affiliate - Google Search

    I'd think that perhaps you would be better searching for an "e-commerce theme", but I could be wrong.

    Good conversion is more a matter of having good copy on the page, rather than the theme used to present the copy.
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    I agree on choosing in the free themes gallery of wordpress but not on searching for free themes in Google. It can be risky if you install a theme that has some pesky links in the footer. This are often not the designers link but paid link advertisements.

    If you cant afford to buy a premium theme then simply get one clean theme from the wordpress gallery and customize by getting a new header up.

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    Here is a great theme I use a lot:

    WP Premium | Templatic
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    I am not looking for places to find a theme. I am looking for specific theme recommendations such as dahlgren_m has done.
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    Yes I was thinking the same thing. However, I don't like the default sidebar menu style. I guess I can just update it. :-)
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    try Weaver. You can search for it from within the wordpress dashboard. There are many "skins" that come with it... including one just like the Twenty Ten theme, and many more.... plus it is highly customizable from moving the sidebar from left to right, resizing the sidebar, resizing the header, changing all the colors, uploading header images, background images, etc etc... all from within the dashboard, without having to actually go edit files.

    One of the best and most customizable free themes I have ever seen.
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    I know alot of people who like using Flexibility, I have started using it myself. It's free and you can upgrade to a paid version to get more niche skins for it.
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    You won't know what theme or layout converts well until you keep testing, testing and testing.. there are like close to unlimited themes out there for you to choose from.. start building your site and get the traffic coming first before worrying about how your site will look like to your visitors
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    I'm really liking Magazine Basic right now. The default width is a little slim, but you can change it in options and it's really quite versatile.
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    I found one that kinda relates since usually affiliate and landing pages walk shoulder by shoulder
    Marketing - PreOrder - Shopping / Product Landing Page | ThemeForest
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    Nice theme here WP Premium - Free WordPress Theme - Templatic the free theme.

    Hope it helps you.

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      Originally Posted by Hamida Harland View Post

      The default Wordpress theme: Twenty Ten

      I like simple 2 column themes with plenty white space, and that one suits the bill. With the custom header you can adapt it to just about any topic.
      I agree with Hamida. I really like the Twenty Ten theme and have found that with a custom header, you can customize it for any kind of topic.

      It's nice, clean, easy to read, and, well, I'm a big believer in making the copy do the "selling" rather than whiz-bang bells and whistles.

      Also, you can easily display a pre-sell report and an opt-in page, so you can build your list while you're selling...

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    the one i like to use is one i made Simple Blog Theme - its super simple and allows you to customize it by uploading an image to your site :-)

    ive used it for squeeze pages, affiliate offers, adsense, ect... works like a charm :-)
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    You can choose mythemeshop or genesis framework. Both are excellent WordPress theme providers.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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      Just now switching to Twenty Fifteen, after using Twenty Ten.

      I've always picked basic themes which I could customize using child themes. Too many people base their theme choice on the included graphics, not realizing that almost everyone else is using the same graphics. By the time someone sees the same stock photos and clip art for the twelfth time, your theme gets lost in a kind of fog.

      If you're going to play thematic "where's Waldo", it's much better to be Waldo...
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    many people think Suffusion is a great free theme
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    The free Wordpress themes Twenty-Fourteen and Twenty-Fifteen are excellent. There are even some plug-ins that allow you to customize those themes. You can always start with one of those themes as you develop your site, then switch to another theme later as you better understand your needs.

    In my own experience, I almost never end up with the same theme I start with. Interestingly, the direction has typically been from a couple of paid premium themes back to something like Twenty-Fourteen.
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    Best and Free? If you want the best, you should buy it because no developer wants to give his best themes for free. Of course there are some people like Alexander Agnarson who gave Hueman Theme.

    So, try buying a premium theme, even if you stick to a free one, you might end up struggling because of the limited features of freebies. So, go search in theme review sites like:

    IO Themes

    You may find the best picks.
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    My personal favourites are Vantage, Dazzling and Asteria Lite.
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    Studio Press (Genesis)
    Elegant Themes
    Theme Junkie
    Headway Themes

    Hope this helps.
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    A simple one that I like is:

    ~ Rhonda White
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    AccessPress Mag

    Theme Demo

    Best I've found.
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