Commission Magnets?? is this the latest B.S!!

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got this email from ritoban c for a replay of a webinar he did with a guy called "Rickey" for this amazing software system.

watched through the whole 1:40min of the webinar and my final thoughts is that this is some same old crap that was released a while back by some guy called "tom" also from australia .

anyway the whole thing sounded very strange that suddenly we didnt hear anymore of ritoben as he "lost his sound" or whatever and could only contact via chat, my foot full of garbage.

firstly, okay that software does creat a site pretty quickly and does all the incoperaton of clickbank and amazon very neatly and quickly but im not going to pay $997 for that alone, i mean were is the proof that he made any money with the site that he actually built??

he says he has 40 clickbank accounts now so i want to know how many sites a day does he have to pump out to earn $2000 a day??

to pump out sites we can all do but are they earning, thats another question, in fact i tried looking up his guitar site , i typed into google learn guitar chords and didnt find his site!!

anyway like i said he sounded a bit familliar from the past.

and to ritoban , he says he has tried the software and seen great results!!

well i have a little idea for a good bonus you could offer, how about a video proof that this system actually made you money!! but i doubt he has that , shame on him for promoting such garbage !!

does he think we are such suckers!!

oh and before i finish off , the best part is he does not talk or mention anything about a moneyback guarentee, so you just give him $997 as an act of trust and away with him..

what do you think??
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    $997 is what I just paid out for Traffic Phoenix software. That did not work. What is it with these guys. The '15 only' is a tired sales pitch. The JV's the authors enter into only serve to alienate the people on the lists after the hype dies down.

    The webinar is a bit flashy and the usual toys are all there except I think they are real.

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    I watch both webinars..TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. the so called super affiliates need to be taken to task over this cos aren't they supposed to be on our side. They make huge killing getting guys to buy the product and need to be ultra transparent on this forum.

    I noticed TP were going to get 100% support and the pitches were identical even to the line my granny is using this software it's so easy. It's a real shame cos the magnets software looked impressive when demoed

    Best Regards

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      As usual, so much promise, but very little delivery. I bought it and it is not worth it at all!
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    Has anyone had any luck getting their support to answer their tickets?

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