Article Samurai at $97/month? Hmmm.

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Did anybody watch the videos leading up to this launch.

In video one "Behind the Scenes of the SEO Pros", the person conducting the video said the pros have many teams of workers that are constantly backlinking for them. He also said that the Pros pay out tens of thousands of dollars to get the proper link structure (this might have been in a later video).

Then they pitch their Article Samurai product which is based on article syndication and the claim is that in 10 minutes/day you can get the backlinks you need to compete with the big guys.

So are we supposed to believe that the SEO pros have no clue about article syndication? This is the "pro" that has a 7-10 people teams, each team working on a specific task like social bookmarking, blog commenting, article writing, forum profiles etc...

Damn, if we add all that up that's like 50-70 employees at $400/month each.... $20,000 minimum monthly. Since he doesn't use article syndication and we will (if we sign up), he's done for. Phew, thank God I discovered this amazing technique that he didn't. He knows everything about SEO but he never heard of this secret technique.

Article Samurai might be a great piece of software but for $97/month, that's steep. Oh that's the discounted price, the regular price will be $197/month. That's right, in two months that $394 will buy you Market Samurai, Domain Samurai, and 2 months of SENuke X.

If that's not bad enough the software uses Content Boss. I don't have experience with Content Boss but I've read some pretty horrible reviews.

Watching the video on the Noble Samurai website they click spin and presto chango the article is spun using Content Boss but a box pops up saying how many credits are remaining. Wow, so on top of the $97/month you have to spend money on Content Boss credits?

I think the guys name in the vid is Anthony (I'm not sure). He states the importance of checking each spun word. Holy crap. Check each spun word. Why didn't I just spin the article myself?

I know this post is getting really long and I'm offering all apologies. It might be a bit incoherent but when I have thirty thoughts in my head at the same time I have trouble staying on topic.

Check out Article Samurai demo vid here and it's obviously not an affiliate link if you couldn't tell from the previous 400 words.
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    I've already closed down one thread on this. We do not review products which have not even come out on this forum.

    However, in fairness to the Samurai team, it should be pointed out that what you have written bears no relation to what is in the video. It says quite specifically that the pros use article marketing a lot. It also says that you should make sure that you stay away from niches where you are competing with the pros as they will outgun you.

    We expect high standards in this forum. Please be more accurate in your future comments.
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