Authority Site Hijack

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Does anyone here have any experience with Authority Site Hijack:

Authority Site Hijack | Exploit the World's Biggest Sites Authority Site Hijack

I had never heard of it until I downloaded a traffic plan as a give-away in the War Room. The author (both of the give-away and the product itself), swear it's a completely legal, white-hat process and I'd be intrigued to read if any others have bought and used it.

Thanks - Anne
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    I am looking for reviews of this system as well.
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    Just had a brief glance and the stats on the sales page are really impressive. I would to hear a review on this too

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    So nobody that has purchased can give us a review?
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      I have got this, partly read it by skimming over it while having a coffee.

      32 page PDF, talks about gaining credibility for your sites, enhancing your brand, getting more exposure etc.

      Explains social media methods, how tweets and retweets boosts his presence and how he got to front page of Digg via an Authoritive site hijack.

      I looks like from page 15 there is a step by step guide how to put this into action.

      Anyone want more info, drop me a PM


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        anybody else have any experiences? i'm on the guy's mailing list and it sounds enticing but highly immoral and possibly illegal. stealing some of an authority site's traffic?
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    Is it possible for anyone to update on this product? Surely there are some reviewers able to speak up now?
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    Any reviews yet ?
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      Hi Jack,

      Maybe you can send a PM to Oggyoi as he recommended in his post?

      I can not yet send PMs otherwise that is what I would do.

      I find it hard to believe there are no reports on this "Authority Site Hijack", after so long.

      Perhaps even the Author can chirp in...
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