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This is a great site you have here. Have finally dug in and committed to moving the ball on my new business. I'm learning every day and working through my business plan and planned product offerings and online marketing plan.

The large hole in my skill set is coming up with the writing, design and production of the training course. I can write but there seems to be particular approaches and successful models at making such training into a product that can be communicated to connect with your niche. It will be a mixture of pdfs and hosted videos OR a large core training that is comprised of printed materials and DVDs.

For example, I'm working to create something similar in format to Frank Kern's Mass Control, but much, much different subject matter.

So I wanted to see if someone could recommend a complete training program to teach how to create such a training course, how to structure, etc. etc. Ironic I"m looking for a training program to teach me how to write a training program. I'm okay investing a higher amount of $ in this if it is complete. If this training course also includes information on sales letters to market it, or information on how to package and market, then all the better.

I'm working professionally within this niche now and want to make sure it's a high quality project with commercial appeal to my niche creating long term, satisfied customers.

Am also looking for ideas on how to write ebooks, reports, do interviews, etc. These aren't as important figuring out the training course, but they're still question marks.

Any recommendations on training programs? Thanks in advance for your help.
(Sorry for typo in subject line. Ugh.)
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    I've been reading the hundreds of posts on Tristian Bull's Coaching Program. We should get plenty of reviews from fellow members who joined in June or so. Majority of them seem to be focused and working to Tristian's program.

    If there are plenty of good reviews, I think it will be a good one to join next time round. Just waiting for the feedbacks.

    I strongly believe that the only way to make real money is through creating your own products.
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      I have two suggestions for you. First though, it might be hard to find exactly everything you require in one course or program. Unless you find such a site, I'd suggest these two resources....

      1. Niche Profit Classroom

      You can visit the link in my signature for more information on how I've been making money online thanks to this site. This is a video course designed to teach people:
      - how to get ebooks created
      - how to get traffic to your site
      - how to create membership websites (see the webinar area)
      - how to attract affiliates

      In essence, this site will help give you the marketing skills needed to not only get traffic to your site, but it'll also help you to understand how to funnel that traffic into a sales machine.

      I don't create many niche sites, however, I use the tactics taught at NPC to make my sites profitable. I'm confident this would be money well spent.

      2. James Chartrand's writing course

      This course is just about to launch, so you won't have to wait long (today's date is 8/7/11).

      The goal:

      To teach all those people who have to write content for their own business how to improve their writing skills so that their efforts are more effective. How to write better articles. Better headlines. How to target their ideal reader. How to respond to their needs. How to come up with ideas, how to outline, how to have better work habits, how to not get stuck with writer's block, etc.

      The target market:

      Solopreneurs, small business owners, freelancers... people who need to write for their own business but who never really learned how.

      When it comes from learning from the best copywriters out there, James is the best in the business.

      The site is The rumors are true. | Damn Fine Words
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        Hi Broadsky

        I came across your post while searching for comments on Damn Fine Words. I am an instructional designer and I was the online education consultant for Damn Fine Words.

        I work with entrepreneurs who want to create online training programs. Instead of offering a training program I work individually with each client to create a training program that is right for them or their intended audience.

        If you have any more questions, I am happy to help.

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          If you've got the buck search for eban pagan guru blue print..he done a launch a few days ago...
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    BroadSky - Brad here.

    For what it is worth - there are a lot of free programs that will guide you through the steps. But once you have looked them over I encourage you to check out Chris Farrrel's Membership site.

    Chris is extremely ethical and has a fantastic training program. He is rated number one almost monthly on IMReportCard dot com.

    He has some terrific training on ebooks and setting up niche sites that seem to be what you are intereted in. Plus, he has a number of ebook projects that he uses as teaching tools. You may find them useful as examples in setting up your own successful program.

    Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income dot com is another one I strongly recommend. Fantastically sensible approach - and very down to earth. He has a bunch of free podcasts and materials that may be useful. Check him out.

    Another one that has made a hit is Yaro Starak. He started with a fantastic ebook on blogging and has made a real impact on the internet today. Google his name and check his stuff out. There is a whole bunch of free material - no obligation that may give you all you need.

    You can also find a lot of great information at Internet Business Mastery dot com as well. Jay and Sterling are superb at presenting this material. They also provide nearly 100 FREE podcasts with most of the key industry information right in them.

    Hope this is useful to you. Check out these sites and do some google research. You will find one or more programs that match your personal style. If I can help drop me an email at brad@rmsinternetmarketing.com.

    Best of luck !

    Cheers !
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      You are definitely on the right path . Product creation is lucrative . creating high quality training product is extremely lucrative .If you know what you doing . The problem is that if you never done before you would someone to walk you through it .

      There are so many people that help with that . But perharps that question you want to ask is " Who has sold that most high value products online "

      For me , the answer would Eben Pagan but he has been playing over 10 years and he is not selling your typical $49 products . He knows how to sell for $2000. His product are not cheap though

      Wouldn't you like to sell your products at that price ?

      Wouldn't you want someone who has created over $100 million in sales in 10 years

      It is imporatnt that you like their style of teaching as well so that the message sinks in . There are other excellent people like Brandon Burchard that also sell quite well and create enormous value in their training programs
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    Great question for this forum as everyone here has resources others have not ever thought about... The biggest problem in choosing a program is it is such a competitive market there are many many from which to choose.

    My partners and I are in the final stages of preparing a launch for our product on this exact topic... how to make products to sell online.... and we cover it all from selecting the niche, domain name, setting up your blog, sales page, marketing, and of course the actual development process of the product itself. Our site is online. Check it out at http:Internet Marketing Success Secrets :: ClickForClarity.com.

    Here's a big hint... we will be putting it here as a WSO in the near future... keep an eye out for us!
    Want great tips on how to increase your sales through facebook? Get your free video training with 4 great videos now...
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