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Looks great, but....

Has anyone used it, liked it, found it useful?

Thanks in advance for any help or replies.
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    it is pretty useful for me for finding affiliates for my products

    Best Regards,
    Kishore M

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    I have used it but don't really find it that useful. I am not too sure how accurate the data always is. This is solely as an affiliate not a merchant.
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      Thanks for the feedback. Thats an interesting take on it.

      Can I ask, is it a software that you download? it seems that there is a monthly recurring subscription fee, which sggests it might be web based?

      Can anyone confirm or deny that?

      Many thanks.
      "Better a student of reality than a master of illusion"
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    Yes it is software that you download. The way it works is you can pay a one off fee and you get "limited" functionality or you can pay a monthly subscription and you get all the bells and whistles. To be honest, the one off fee version is more than enough.
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    It's decent...I had it for awhile but never really used it. I prefer KeywordSpy pro...it's pricier in the long run but the data is great.
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      Best to try it yourself. I tried it and didn't like it. Brad will give a refund no problem.
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    Bought it, but have now stopped the payments.
    It looks impressive, but I found it difficult to understand how to actually use it, so lost interest in it.
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    sounds like I should pass on this

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